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NBAA Representatives Share Goals, Expertise With State Aviation Officials

October 3, 2013

NBAA's regional representatives touted the benefits of business aviation to attendees at the annual National Association of State Aviation Officials Convention (NASAO) held from Sept. 28 to Oct. 1 in Sioux Falls, SD.

National Association of State Aviation Officials Convention (NASAO) in Sioux Falls, SD

All six of the NBAA regional reps were in Sioux Falls, SD for the event, when NASAO President and CEO Henry Ogrodzinski asked if they could pinch-hit for FAA officials who were unable to attend due to the government shutdown.

“This presented a great opportunity for us to interact with state aviation officials and discuss our role as advocates for business aviation, as well as the work that we do regarding airports, airspace, legislation and many other aviation concerns in every state of the country,” said Steve Hadley, NBAA’s director of regional programs and Southwest regional representative.

NBAA’s session at the NASAO Convention was attended by the majority of state aviation officials, many of who head up their state’s aviation department and have responsibility for statewide aviation system plans and airport capital improvement plans and funding. Many states own and operate their own airports, as well.

"Since 2003, all of the NBAA regional reps have participated in the NASAO Convention, and they have had an extremely positive influence on the annual event,” said Ogrodzinksi. “This year, they stepped into the breach to help the association, but also shared their expertise in several critical areas including communications, outreach, media work and legislate strategies, which was invaluable information.”

Despite the short notice, the NBAA reps seized the opportunity to present such topics as how the reps can help be a voice for the state aviation directors; how the NBAA reps and staff collectively work on and help with a host of regional operational issues, such as runways, airspace and regulatory concerns; and what publications and other resources NBAA has available that state aviation officials can use to the advantage of their programs.

According to Hadley, who moderated the NASAO session, the reps also presented information about some of NBAA’s educational initiatives with local communities and colleges, discussed how the NBAA reps and the state aviation officials can utilize a two-way informational pipeline to communicate about aviation interests with each other, and the importance of advocacy in telling the good news about aviation to communities nationwide.

“NBAA appreciates the opportunity that Henry Ogrodzinski gave us to speak to NASAO members about the work of NBAA’s regional representatives,” said Hadley. “We anticipate this session will serve as a springboard for further and continued interaction between state aviation officials and NBAA.”