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Social Media Is an Essential Information Source for NBAA Members

September 18, 2012

Social media channels not only provide information that keeps NBAA Members up-to-date on the industry, but they also extend the Association’s reach when Members share it with their friends and followers, said Jason Wolf, NBAA’s director of Internet communications.

When NBAA has information to share, first notices often can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn, said Wolf, adding that all of the Association’s social media sites are updated regularly throughout each day.

That means checking in with NBAA on social media sites is one of the most effective ways to keep current, said Wolf. In reading posts or a tweet, Members can quickly decide whether the information is pertinent to their needs or interests and, as needed, click on the links for more details. It’s easy for Members to then share or retweet this information to colleagues who may want to know about certain industry issues.

“Going to NBAA’s Facebook page or Twitter site is an excellent way for Members to get a summary – the highlights – of what’s been going on with their Association and industry,” he added. “We’ve been doing this kind of communicating for a long time.”

By way of example, Wolf cited NBAA's Air Mail, a Members-only email subscriber list that originally launched in 1997. The online community, which allows Members to discuss industry issues in various forums, was recently updated to include a web-based forum that works in conjuction with the email-based listserv.

NBAA opened its Facebook and Twitter accounts in early 2009, and added Google+ in 2011. It also has a LinkedIn page and is now sharing news and information on the professional networking site.

The Association’s social media sites have experienced steady growth, with more than 6,000 “likes” on Facebook and more than 7,000 Twitter followers as of mid-September.

In May 2012, NBAA introduced a Twitter account (@NBAA_ATS) specifically for its Air Traffic Services team, which announces operational challenges, such as temporary flight restrictions, within 10 to 20 minutes of their issuance.

“Our Members are passionate about aviation and proud of what our industry contributes to communities across America,” said Wolf. “They are aviation’s best advocates, and the more information we give them to talk about it, the better it is for our industry.”

The social media sites also allow NBAA to highlight other publications, such as Business Aviation Insider magazine and the Association’s weekly email news roundup, NBAA Update, by providing links to articles, as well as links to other information found on the NBAA’s website.

For those not yet connected to NBAA via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn, Wolf said, “You’re missing out if you’re not here, but there’s no penalty for being late to the party.”