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2012 Articles

Mayors Petition President: No User Fees
December 28, 2012
Leaders from more than 115 cities and towns across the country have petitioned President Obama to rescind his proposed "$100-per-flight" tax on general aviation (GA) business flights. The petition was released recently by the Alliance for Aviation Across America. "We can tell you firsthand that [GA] aircraft are a crucial tool and resource for businesses in our communities," read the petition. "[They're] businesses that keep our communities afloat and help workers... continue to put food on their table for their families." The group reminded the president that GA supports 1.2 million American jobs and contributes over $150 billion in economic impact each year. Read more about the petition..

GA Growth Will Help Drive Aerospace Gains in 2013
December 14, 2012
Sales of general aviation (GA) aircraft and related products and services are expected to increase modestly over the next five years, fueled largely by sales of business aircraft, according to the Aerospace Industry Association's (AIA) 2012 Year-End Review & Forecast. AIA said total GA aircraft shipments, including those of business aircraft, will reach 1,705 units in 2013, up about 9.8 percent from 1,553 units in 2012. Total GA dollar sales are expected to increase next year by almost 14 percent to $10.8 billion from about $9.5 billion in 2012. Read more about AIA's report.

S&D Conference Welcomes First-Time Attendees
December 14, 2012
First-time Attendees at NBAA’s 2013 Schedulers & Dispatchers (S&D) Conference will be warmly welcomed and have access to assistance when they arrive at the Henry B. Gonzales Convention Center in San Antonio, TX, on Jan. 22 thanks to a network of volunteer Ambassadors and a number of events designed specifically for first-time Attendees. "This educational and informative meeting is one of the best NBAA has to offer," said Jo Damato, NBAA director of educational development & strategy. "It's a wonderful immersion in the business aviation industry, and first-timers will quickly feel as comfortable as S&D show veterans because of our Ambassador program and the many opportunities to learn and network." Read more about the Ambassador program.

FAA's New CTOP Initiative Aims to Reduce Airspace Congestion
December 13, 2012
In 2013, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is slated to implement a new traffic management initiative known as the Collaborative Trajectory Options Program (CTOP), which will better balance demand with available capacity. Under a CTOP initiative, operators submit alternative routes of their choice around or away from a constraint, thus providing additional options for air traffic controllers to expedite flights away from congested airspace. Flights that have submitted a trajectory option set (TOS) could be exempt from ground delays or in-flight reroutes associated with such constraints. Read more about CTOP.

Regional Leaders in Florida, Nebraska Honored With NBAA Silk Scarf Award
December 5, 2012
NBAA last month presented its Silk Scarf Award to two individuals in recognition of their exemplary efforts on behalf of regional business aviation communities in South Florida and Nebraska. The honorees were Jeff Ramsden, president of the South Florida Business Aviation Association (SFBAA), and Richard L. McCollom, founding board member of the Nebraska Business Aviation Association (NeBAA). Read more about the award winners.

New Reports Show Slow but Steady Growth in Business Aviation
November 26, 2012
Several newly released business aviation market reports show that the industry upturn that began earlier this year is continuing into 2012’s final quarter. In addition, a major business jet manufacturer is predicting a long period of sustained growth extending well into the next decade, an expansion that will be driven largely by growth in China and other emerging markets. Read more about the growth in business aviation.

Cross-Border Issues Conference Will Highlight Security, Clearance Procedures
November 20, 2012
The upcoming NBAA/Canadian Business Aviation Association (CBAA) Cross-Border Issues Conference will provide a forum to discuss the operational and regulatory issues involved in traveling between the United States and Canada, and will also address a significant concern affecting operators flying across the Atlantic: the European Union’s Emissions Trading Scheme (EU-ETS). The conference, scheduled for Dec. 6 and 7 in Ottawa, Ontario, is a collaborative effort between NBAA and CBAA that will bring together government officials and industry experts on border-related concerns, and address common challenges faced by aircraft operators that fly between the two countries. Read more about the conference.

See Every Aircraft That Was on Display at NBAA2012
November 20, 2012
For the first time ever, the Online News Bureau of NBAA's Annual Meeting & Convention includes a photo gallery featuring every aircraft displayed at the show, which this year was held from Oct. 30 to Nov. 1 in Orlando, FL. Always a popular attraction at the NBAA Convention, the 2012 static displays featured some of the world's leading business aircraft. Light business airplanes and helicopters were showcased both inside and outside the Orange County Convention Center, while nearly 100 additional aircraft were on exhibit at Orlando Executive Airport. Read more about the business aircraft at NBAA2012.

NBAA's Bolen Receives Award for Service to General Aviation
November 15, 2012
NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen has been honored for his years of service to general aviation (GA) by receiving the Charles Lindbergh General Aviation Diploma, which is given annually by the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale. Bolen received the award during a ceremony held on Nov. 13 in Washington, DC. "Mr. Bolen has had a major, positive impact on the world's general aviation community for well over a decade and is a most worthy recipient of the Charles Lindbergh General Aviation Diploma," said National Aeronautic Association (NAA) President Jonathan Gaffney, who personally presented the award to Bolen. Read more about Bolen’s service to GA.

NTSB Maintains 'Assumption of Truth' Standard in Ruling on Pilot Enforcement Actions
November 15, 2012
In a final ruling effective Nov. 15, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) declined to make substantial changes to its oversight role of emergency enforcement actions taken against pilots by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The ruling amended the board’s Rules of Practice in Air Safety Proceedings, which since 2003 have governed its policies when considering appeals of FAA enforcement actions against pilots. Despite criticism of the practice by a coalition of aviation groups, including NBAA, the board reiterated that the expedited timeframe mandated for emergency actions to be completed makes the assumption of truth standard necessary. Read more about the ruling.

NBAA Marks the Passing of Scott E. Miller, First Associate Member Advisor
October 25, 2012
NBAA recently marked the passing of its first Associate Member company advisor Scott E. Miller, Sr., who died in August at the age of 93. Miller was the first person to serve as an Associate Member advisor to the NBAA Board of Directors, a role that has evolved into today’s Associate Member Advisory Council, a 21-member standing committee vital to the Association’s governance. For many years, Miller was the head of customer service for Garrett AiResearch, a Southern California company that later merged with AlliedSignal and specialized in servicing, modifying and overhauling aircraft and installing interiors. He also was the 1990 recipient of the Association’s prestigious John P. “Jack” Doswell Award. Read more about Miller.

New Industry Advocacy Resources to Be Unveiled at NBAA2012
October 17, 2012
For those interested in highlighting for candidates the importance of business aviation this election year, new grassroots advocacy resources will be unveiled during NBAA's Convention this month. "The NBAA Convention is the largest business aviation event in the world, and it presents a strong reminder of the importance of business aviation to local, regional, national and worldwide economies," noted Lisa Piccione, NBAA senior vice president, government affairs. NBAA will join with the Alliance for Aviation Across America and other general aviation group leaders at an October 29 press conference to detail the new advocacy tools available for industry to make its voice heard this election year. Learn more.

NBAA Supports New FAA Center of Excellence for General Aviation
October 10, 2012
NBAA Chief Operating Officer Steve Brown said the Association is enthusiastic about working with government and industry on the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA's) new Center of Excellence (COE) for General Aviation, which was announced by Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood on Sept. 27. Citing the size, scope and diversity of general aviation in the United States, he said, "This innovative partnership with academia and industry will help us take general aviation safety to the next level." In addition to safety, the COE's research and testing efforts will address accessibility and sustainability of general aviation into the future. Read more about the new COE.

NBAA Committee Leaders Aligning Goals, Improving Communication
October 5, 2012
The leaders of NBAA's committees met on Oct. 1 and 2 to discuss industry priorities, align committee projects with the Association's strategic goals and identify methods to improve communications within the committee structure and with the NBAA Membership. The meeting in Denver, CO was the third such gathering in the past three years. Don Henderson, chair of the Corporate Aviation Management Committee and one of the meeting's facilitators, noted such coordination "allows us to draw together the expertise from all the standing committees, which have traditionally operated as separate entities. The results from the meeting will fundamentally help how these committees work together in the future."Read more about the meeting.

NBAA Unveils Updated Mobile App for 2012 Convention
September 24, 2012
TAs Members prepare for the NBAA 65th Annual Meeting & Convention, Oct. 30 to Nov. 1 in Orlando, FL, an update mobile app can help plan for the event. Once again this year, a mobile application will be available for the iPhone, Android, Blackberry and any web-capable smartphone. This year's app will also be available on the iPad. With a full, up-to-date map of the Orange County Convention Center exhibit areas, the free app will enable Members to easily find Exhibitor booths, along with descriptions of products and services, which are displayed by category. Read more about the updated app.

Seattle Regional Forum Caps a Week of Promoting Aviation
September 24, 2012
The Pacific Northwest's strong aviation heritage and a commitment to educating the next generation of aviation professionals were recently demonstrated through a week of events in Seattle, WA, concluding with NBAA's final Business Aviation Regional Forum of 2012. Hosted by Clay Lacy Aviation at Boeing Field/King Co. International Airport (BFI), the Sept. 20 forum was held in conjunction with other regional events sponsored by the Pacific Northwest Business Aviation Association. Read more about the forum.

Northeast Groups Invest in Aviation Education
September 24, 2012
Scholarships are a common way for many regional business aviation groups to give back to their communities – and fundraising is a great way to bring their members together. Over the last eight years, one group, the Friends of Trenton-Mercer Airport (TTN), has raised more than $100,000 in scholarships for prospective pilots at a local community college. “This is advocacy in motion,” said NBAA’s Northeast regional representative, Dean Saucier. “Not only is this group helping educate students, but they’re also creating goodwill among the community.” Read how this Trenton group and other groups in the Northeast – in White Plains, Long Island and elsewhere – are investing in education. Learn more about NBAA’s Northeast Regional Groups.

Social Media Is an Essential Information Source for NBAA Members
September 18, 2012
Social media channels provide information that keeps NBAA Members up-to-date on the industry, and extends the Association’s reach when Members share it with their friends and followers. Checking in with Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn is an effective way to keep current, said Jason Wolf, NBAA’s director of Internet communications. In reading self-contained posts or a tweet, Members can quickly decide whether the information is pertinent to their needs or interests and, as needed, click on the links for more details. “Going to NBAA’s Facebook page or Twitter site is an excellent way for Members to get a summary – the highlights – of what’s been going on with their Association and industry,” he added. Learn more about NBAA’s social media efforts.

Learjet 60XR Stars in Megafactories Episode
September 14, 2012
A recent episode of the National Geographic Channel series Megafactories documented the assembly of businessman David Morgan’s $14 million Learjet 60XR to tell the story of not only how each business jet is assembled there, but also how the 50-year-old company has reinvented itself to optimize production. The OEM’s formula combines cutting-edge technology with a storied history of craftsmanship. As Megafactories puts it, “Learjet is surviving these hard times by delivering hand-built dreams to their customers.” Read more about the Learjet 60XR.

Operator Survey Part of Push for Consistent Interpretation of FARs
September 7, 2012
NBAA and other aviation trade organizations are seeking input from their members as part of a broad effort to get Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) inspectors and field offices to interpret Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs) consistently throughout the agency. FAA established a Regulatory Interpretation Aviation Rulemaking Committee (ARC 313) earlier this year, which is tasked with “providing a forum for the aviation community to discuss and provide recommendations to the FAA” and making written recommendations to the agency’s associate administrator for aviation safety. Read more about the ARC 313 survey.

Connect With NBAA Staff at Annual Meeting & Convention
September 6, 2012
NBAA Members with questions, concerns, feedback or an interest in putting a face with a voice or email address can connect with the Association’s staff members at the NBAA 65th Annual Meeting & Convention (NBAA2012), which will be held Oct. 30 to Nov. 1 in Orlando, FL. All NBAA senior staff, along with many board and committee members, will be at the third annual Coffee Social at the NBAA booth on Tuesday, Oct. 30. Members can meet their NBAA regional representatives and the leaders of regional business aviation groups at a dedicated networking session on Wednesday, Oct. 31, between 2:30 and 4 p.m. Read more about ways to connect with NBAA staff at the Convention.

IA Renewal Course Helps Promote Safety
August 29, 2012
There is perhaps no better way to help technicians minimize errors and regulatory violations than to have them attend the NBAA Inspection Authorization (IA) Renewal Course, which will be held Monday, Oct. 29, the day before the opening of NBAA's 65th Annual Meeting & Convention, in Orlando, FL. The day-long course, which includes presentations by subject-matter experts who will review the latest regulatory and maintenance trends, will be held at the Orange County Convention Center. Speakers include Jim Garland, president and CEO of Sharp Details, Inc., who will describe how maintenance managers can develop "A Flight Plan for Excellence." Learn more about the IA Renewal Course.

NBAA Safety Committee Sponsors Panel at NTSB on New Training Approaches
August 27, 2012
As part of NBAA's effort to get business aviators to think differently – in a much more engaged way – about their training, the Association held a pilot training symposium on Aug. 22 at the headquarters of the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). Although the accident rate for business aviation has been very low for several years, a number of accidents have occurred in which pilot training and performance have been identified as factors, indicating that perhaps changes in the approach to training are warranted. Learn more about NBAA’s safety symposium at the NTSB.

NBAA's Damato One of 'Top 40 Under 40' Aviation Pros
August 24, 2012
Joanne "Jo" Damato, NBAA's director, educational development & strategy, has been named by Airport Business magazine as one of its "Top 40 Under 40," a group of outstanding up-and-coming individuals in the business of aviation and airport management who are shaping the future of the industry. A longtime NBAA staffer, Damato is responsible for expanding the educational opportunities associated with the Association's in- person events, as well as managing NBAA's on-demand (distance learning) education program. Learn more about Damato.

Deadline Approaching for S&D Scholarships
August 24, 2012
Schedulers and dispatchers (S&D) take note: There’s about a month left to apply for NBAA's annual monetary and training scholarships. For 2013, monetary awards may include up to $10,000 per applicant, and 15 initial and recurrent training courses are also available. Applicants may apply for both financial and training awards, but all applications must be received by 5 p.m. on Sept. 28 to be considered. The scholarship and training opportunities are awarded each year by NBAA’s Schedulers & Dispatchers Committee and supported by the generosity of industry donors. To date, the committee has awarded more than $400,000 in scholarships. Read more about the available scholarships.

NBAA2012 Will Feature Opportunity to Meet Asian Aviation Policymakers
August 21, 2012
NBAA2012 will offer an unprecedented chance for Members to have face-to-face discussions with the people most influential in aviation policies throughout Asia. For several years, NBAA has been at the forefront of efforts to help Asian nations develop policies and procedures that facilitate business aviation. Now, as part of NBAA2012, the United States Trade and Development Agency (USTDA), Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) and U.S. Department of Transportation will sponsor a reverse trade mission, bringing regulators and policymakers from several Asian countries to Orlando, FL and Washington, DC. The Asian governments participating in this mission are members of APEC, which is a group of 21 Pacific Rim nations (including the Unites States) dedicated to economic development throughout the region. Read more about this opportunity to meet Asian aviation policymakers.

Bulk of Michigan Aviation Fuel Taxes Now Dedicated to Aviation Projects
August 16, 2012
Michigan's aviation fuel taxes, which could total as much as $10 million a year, will now be reserved for aviation projects in the state through Sept. 30, 2013, the result of legislation signed Aug. 15 by Gov. Rick Snyder. Funds from those taxes had previously been allocated to the state’s general budget, with no assurance that the money would be used for aviation projects. The new law will take effect immediately, dedicating 4 percent of the existing 6-percent sales tax on both aviation gasoline and jet fuel to the state Aeronautics Fund, which is used for repair and improvement of Michigan airports. Read more about what the new law could mean for Michigan.

Changes Coming to Static Display Area for NBAA2012
August 13, 2012
Some of the last vestiges of damage caused to Orlando Executive Airport by Hurricane Charley eight years ago are now being erased through a project that will ultimately benefit NBAA2012, and enhance airport operations year-round. The Florida Department of Transportation is rebuilding and expanding the North Ramp at Orlando Executive - home to NBAA Member Showalter Flying Service, which will host the Convention’s Static Display area. Work on the project began earlier this year, Showalter Flying Service President Kim Showalter said. “When it’s all done, it’ll give us a clear, open area of about 25 acres.” Listen to this week’s NBAA Flight Plan to learn more about the changes NBAA2012 attendees can expect to see.

Convention Session Will Detail New Weather Forecasting Methods
August 10, 2012
Those attending NBAA's 2012 Annual Meeting & Convention (NBAA2012) in Orlando, FL will have an opportunity to learn more about the cooperative efforts underway between the FAA and the aviation community to bring more reliable weather information to operators. "Collaborative Decision Making Weather Evaluation Team Update on Supporting NextGen Concepts" will be presented Wednesday, Oct. 31 from 9 to 10 a.m. at the Orange County Convention Center. Learn more about this session at NBAA2012.

NBAA Warns of Phony Convention Directories and Guides
July 26, 2012
NBAA is once again warning Exhibitors at the upcoming 65th Annual Meeting & Convention (NBAA2012) to be wary of directory and show guide publishers falsely claiming to represent NBAA. NBAA is the only official publisher of show guides for Association-hosted events, including NBAA2012, which will be held Oct. 30 to Nov. 1 in Orlando, FL. Exhibitors also should be wary of solicitations from "rogue" housing companies, exhibit companies and any other unauthorized companies promoting exhibit-related services. Read more about NBAA2012 directories and guides.

Nominations Being Accepted for NBAA Schedulers & Dispatchers Award
July 26, 2012
NBAA Members are invited to nominate exceptional individuals for the Association’s 2013 Schedulers & Dispatchers Outstanding Achievement and Leadership Award. Nominees must demonstrate outstanding business aviation industry expertise, provide extraordinary service, exhibit leadership and make significant contributions to the scheduling and dispatching function. Nominations are due Sept. 14. Read more about the award.

House Approves Pilot’s Bill of Rights, Obama Expected to Sign Measure into Law
July 25, 2012
The U.S. House of Representatives followed the Senate Monday with the passage of "Pilot's Bill of Rights" legislation intended to provide greater protections and transparency for pilots facing federal enforcement action. The measure (H.R. 3816) was introduced last January by Reps. Sam Graves (R-6-MO) and Dan Lipinski (D-3-IL). A similar Senate measure (S.1335) was introduced in July 2011 by Sens. James Inhofe (R-OK) and Mark Begich (D-AK.), and the bill quickly garnered bipartisan support from lawmakers. The Senate unanimously passed S.1335 on June 29. Read more about the legislation.

House Vote Imminent for Pilot's Bill of Rights Passed by Senate Last Month
July 20, 2012
Following Senate passage of "Pilot's Bill of Rights" legislation last month, officials report that the United States House of Representatives may vote on the measure as early as today. Introduced by Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK) in July 2011, Senate Bill 1335 was passed unanimously by the Senate on June 29. The House vote is expected sometime later today.The Pilots' Bill of Rights would require the National Transportation Safety Board to review enforcement actions by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) against an airman's certificate, among other provisions. Read more about the Pilot's Bill of Rights.

FAA InFO Explains Magnetic Variation Differences on RNAV Systems
July 9, 2012
Pilots should be aware that there can be differences between the magnetic courses charted on Standard Instrument Departure/Standard Terminal Arrival (SID/STAR) charts and magnetic courses displayed by some RNAV systems. In most cases, these differences can be attributed to charting convention and RNAV system design differences related to magnetic variation. RNAV systems either rely on their navigational database for magnetic variation or calculate it dynamically. This means that the magnetic course displayed by the RNAV system for a specific instrument procedure leg may differ slightly from the magnetic course charted on the plate for the same leg. Review the FAA InFO to learn more.

Building a Pipeline Between Education and Aviation
July 9, 2012
The NBAA's Corporate Aviation Management Committee's Professional Development Subcommittee. has written the NBAA Business and Collegiate Aviation Pipeline Program Guide, providing information for NBAA Member Companies, regional business aviation groups and college aviation degree programs on how to work together to create opportunities for students who want to pursue careers in business aviation. "The Pipeline Program is a way to link the business aviation industry to collegiate aviation programs that have either a corporate course or a full, embedded business aviation program – or just an interest in having their students exposed to the business aviation world," said Dr. Tara Harl, chair of the Aviation Department at St. Cloud University and a member of CAMC PD. Read more about the Pipeline Program.

Congressional Committee Amends Proposed Restrictions on Government Attendance at Industry Events
July 3, 2012
Two months after congressional passage of severe restrictions on government/private-sector interaction, the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform recently agreed to legislation that amends proposed travel restrictions on federal government employees. The committee passed HR 4631, "The GSA Act of 2012," which contains language addressing both the concerns about government travel and those of the letter signers. Included in the bill is a change to the original proposal that would have prohibited federal employees from attending more than one conference held annually by a private organization. Read more about the amended travel bill.

NBAA Brings Business Aviation Perspective to Airport Conference
June 29, 2012
NBAA representatives recently joined with other industry officials to discuss several important general aviation airport topics at the General Aviation Issues and Security Conference, which was presented by the American Association of Airport Executives and the Aviation Management Consulting Group June 24 and 26 in Reno, NV. "This is an important part of our ongoing advocacy effort on behalf of business aviation," said Dick Doubrava, NBAA director, legislative affairs. "These events give us the valuable opportunity to remind the audience not only about the value of general aviation, but also the specific benefits of our industry. Business aviation brings economic opportunity and jobs to main street America." Read more about the conference.

Forecasts Point to Continued, Gradual Business Aviation Growth
June 28, 2012
Even amidst a slowing global economy and a financial crisis in the European Union, most forecasters remain optimistic, predicting a gradual, but sustained period of business aviation market growth lasting well into the next decade. Read more about expectations of growth in the industry.

British Students to Train for Business Aviation Careers at Younger Age
June 12, 2012
In Great Britain, students as young as 14 will soon begin hands-on training for careers in business aviation thanks to a new type of educational institution being set up throughout the country with the support of major players in British industry. Heathrow Aviation Engineering UTC, which is set to open next year, is sponsored by Brunel University, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, the Royal Air Force, Northwood and Queensmead Schools and Uxbridge College. "Aviation will benefit because students will be better prepared generally to enter the aviation industry either directly or via university," said Peter Mitchell, chief executive of the Baker Dearing Educational Trust, which is developing a system of more than 30 University Technical Colleges (UTCs) throughout Great Britain. Read more about UTCs.

Attendance, Enthusiasm High at NBAA’s Teterboro Regional Forum
June 11, 2012
Business aviation plays a vital role in driving job creation and economic growth in New Jersey, NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen told a record-setting crowd at NBAA’s Regional Forum held June 7 at Teterboro Airport (TEB). Bolen highlighted the significance of the upcoming election and urged NBAA Members to know where their candidates stand on business aviation issues and take action on Election Day. The event at Teterboro shattered the record as the best-attended Regional Forum with 2,486 Attendees, more than 150 Exhibitors and 35 aircraft on static display. Read more about the forum.

IBAC Aircrew Card Offers Variety of Benefits
May 29, 2012
The IBAC Aircrew Identification Card has provided business aircraft flight crews with a convenient, internationally recognized form of identification since the International Business Aviation Council (IBAC) first issued it in 1983. The card was created to ease ramp access and assist in customs identification, but it does not provide security clearance into restricted areas. "It facilitates operations like security, immigration and customs in terms of identifying the crewmember," said Don Spruston, IBAC director general. "However, it is not a security document and is not intended to replace the screening requirement for going into a security restricted area." Learn more about IBAC aircrew card benefits.

Conference Will Emphasize Flight Attendants' Top Priority: Safety
May 28, 2012
For the past five years, members of the NBAA Flight Attendants Committee have been determined to develop a strategy of global collaboration among cabin crews. Those efforts were on display earlier this month when they staged the Cabin Crew Symposium at the European Business Aviation Association Convention & Exhibition (EBACE) in Geneva, and will be highlighted again at NBAA's 17th Annual Flight Attendants/Flight Technicians Conference, set for June 14 to 16 at the Hyatt Regency O'Hare in Chicago, IL. "There are a lot of duties, but ultimately, our primary job is safety," said Boeing's Mary Ann Fash, who chairs the committee. Read more about the conference.

Ex-Im Bank Announces Credit Program for Foreign Buyers of U.S. Aircraft
May 25, 2012
At the European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (EBACE2012) held earlier this month in Geneva, Switzerland, the Export-Import Bank of the United States announced a program aimed at extending new lines of credit to foreign purchases of American business aircraft and helicopters. "Business aircraft and helicopters are a vital part of the U.S. aerospace industry, which is one of the most competitive sectors of the economy and employs thousands of Americans," said Ex-Im Chairman Fred D. Hochberg. Read more about the new program.

Who Is Your Regional Rep?
May 21, 2012
NBAA's six regional representatives provide a national voice on local issues, including operational concerns such as airport and airspace access, NextGen initiatives, safety and security proposals, and taxation. With the November 2012 elections coming up, they also help support local legislative advocacy efforts. But their greatest strength lies in working with one another to address your operational issues and concerns, according to Kristi Ivey, NBAA's Northwest regional representative based in Livingston, MT. "We might not specifically have the most technical response to some questions, but we know where to get it," she said. Learn more about your regional representatives.

To Own or Not to Own? New NBAA Guide Helps Answer That Question
May 21, 2012
NBAA has compiled an easy-to-understand resource comparing the various aircraft ownership and use options available. The newly published NBAA Rules of Thumb for Aircraft Ownership and Operating Options guide features concise explanations of the options, including the advantages and disadvantages of each. It also suggests guidelines to help users determine the option best suited to a particular travel profile and annualized hourly aircraft usage. "In today's business aviation environment, there are a lot of choices to consider," said Jeff Agur, managing director of fleet planning and aircraft acquisitions with The VanAllen Group, who assisted with creating the guide. Read more about the guide.

Business Aviation Pilots Partake in South Carolina Hurricane Response Simulation
May 21, 2012
A simulated hurricane, complete with high winds, damaging hail and extensive flooding, is set for South Carolina in early June. The mock storm will ravage the coast between Savannah, GA and Hilton Head, SC on June 3 and track rapidly up the Georgia/South Carolina border before moving out to sea on June 4. Contributing to these efforts will be no fewer than eight non-governmental organizations, including – for the first time – a coordinated coalition of volunteer general aviation pilots and aircraft directed by AERObridge, the non-profit group that coordinates aircraft donated for crises such as this. Read more about the drill.

NBAA Scholarship Program Celebrating 20th Anniversary
May 14, 2012
NBAA's scholarship program will celebrate its 20th anniversary at this year's Convention in Orlando, FL, October 30 to November 1. It was during the 1992 Convention that NBAA handed out its first four scholarships. Since then, NBAA's scholarship program, which is generously supported through Member contributions, has handed out several million dollars in monetary and training scholarships to college students seeking jobs in business aviation and to industry professionals interested in advancing their careers. "We've had many, many scholarship winners who've gone on to have outstanding careers in business aviation," said NBAA's Jay Evans. Read more about NBAA's scholarship program.

FIT Adds Type Ratings to Curriculum
May 8, 2012
For its 2012 spring semester, the College of Aeronautics at Florida Institute of Technology (FIT) in Melbourne, FL added type ratings as electives to its flight training curriculum. The FAA requires type ratings for any turbojet aircraft and for any aircraft weighing over 12,500 pounds. "There's a big gap between what most college aviation training programs offer and good jobs in the real world," said Captain Peter Dunn, chair of FIT's Flight Education program. "We want our graduates to be able to compete for those good jobs, not only with air carriers but in business aviation, too." Learn more.

Association Rewards Members During “May is Membership Month”
April 30, 2012
May is “Membership Month” at NBAA and during those 31 days, the Association will offer special incentives for joining NBAA, along with the chance for all Members to learn more about what NBAA offers to them. There are also several chances to win prizes through interactive contests and promotions. Learn more.

Classic Community Airport Film Now Available in High-Def, Online
April 19, 2012
One Six Right, a general aviation (GA) documentary film with a strong following among pilots, GA enthusiasts and others is now available in high-definition streaming video on Hulu Plus, the subscription extension of the free online Hulu video service. Learn more.

U.S. Chamber Honors Business Aviation Veteran Russ Meyer
April 13, 2012
Before a packed house at an annual Aviation Summit held April 12 at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Cessna Aircraft Company Chairman Emeritus Russ Meyer received the prestigious Carol B. Hallett Award recognizing his more than four decades of service and achievement in aviation. Learn more.

Could No 'Boom' Mean a Big Boon for Business Aviation?
April 9, 2012
What NASA called a "breakthrough" in wind tunnel testing could soon take the "boom" out of supersonic flying, and scientists at the Dryden Flight Research Center believe it could benefit business aviation in "years rather than decades." Tom Jones, project manager for NASA's Superboom Caustic Analysis and Measurement Program (SCAMP) said "The game-changing technology out there is having tools available to design the external shape of the vehicle to give you a low sonic boom on the ground." Learn more.

FlightSafety International Proficiency Protection Program Revived for 2012
April 6, 2012
A "Proficiency Protection Program" that kept hundreds of unemployed business pilots and maintenance professionals current at no cost to them in 2009 is being reinstated by training provider FlightSafety International. The re-born program will run through December 31, 2012. Pilots and technicians who became unemployed since January 1 of this year through staff reduction or job elimination are eligible for the training, which will be provided on an as-available basis. Learn more.

As Oil Prices Rise, Fuel Planning More Important Than Ever
March 16, 2012
The price of oil has risen nearly 20 percent in the last six months, to well over $100 a barrel, pushing up aviation fuel costs and forcing business aircraft operators to do redouble their focus on fuel planning. "We definitely see increased interest in fuel management solutions when oil prices go up," said Kevin Moller, president of FuelerLinx, a provider of software for comparing real-time prices, tankering analysis and fuel buying. Because it's such a large share of a flight department's operating expenses, finding new ways to save on fuels costs is an imperative." Learn more.

At Major Policy Forum, Bolen Highlights Industry’s Global Economic Importance
March 9, 2012
A panel of aviation leaders, including NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen, met at the 37th annual Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Forecast Conference. Amoung the issues discussed were the volatile aviation fuel prices, the slow pace of economic recovery in the U.S. and elsewhere, and the need to raise awareness about the importance of the aviation industry. Learn more.

FAA GA Award Goes to NBAA Maintenance Committee Member
March 5, 2012
Presented jointly by the FAA and the industry, the annual General Aviation (GA) Awards recognize aviation professionals for their outstanding contributions to education and flight safety. This year's National Avionics Technician of the Year is Rick Ochs, a member of NBAA's Maintenance Committee since 2006. "It's a tremendous honor to be recognized at the national level, and even more humbling knowing the many people that make our aviation system the world standard," said Ochs, founder and president of Spirit Avionics, a repair station in Columbus, OH. Read more about Ochs and the three other national GA Award recipients.

Demand for Skilled Workers Expected to Drive Job Gains in 2012
February 29, 2012
Business aviation hiring is expected to increase substantially in 2012, according to several firms specializing in aviation jobs placement. The job gains may be greatest for those in aircraft avionics and maintenance, although the number of pilot jobs also is expected to be higher. These positive prognoses are a further sign of the improving climate for business aviation, and support predictions that the industry will see a modest upturn this year. Learn more about GAMA's 2011 aircraft delivery numbers.

GAMA Numbers Show Decline in 2011 Deliveries, but Encouraging Signs Ahead
February 27, 2012
The theme of a gradual, continuing rebound for general aviation was highlighted during the February 22 release of the General Aviation Manufacturers Association's (GAMA's) 2011 delivery numbers. Although total deliveries fell in each segment over 2010 totals, there are several encouraging signs the aircraft industry continues to recover from a devastating global recession. "Last year, the indication from the closing months of 2010 pointed at 2011 being a year when the general aviation manufacturing industry would begin a recovery," said GAMA Chairman Caroline Daniels. "Unfortunately, the resurgence did not take place for the industry as a whole. However, 2011 did finish with signs of a sustained recovery and some reason for optimism." Learn more about GAMA's 2011 aircraft delivery numbers.

Honeywell Forecasts Increased Civil Rotorcraft Deliveries in 2012
February 24, 2012
There was further encouraging evidence recently of an overall economic turn-around for the business aviation industry. Honeywell issued its 14th Turbine-Powered Civilian Helicopter Purchase Outlook report, forecasting between 4,700 and 5,200 new deliveries between 2011 and 2016. "Recent order rates have been healthy and near-term purchase plans remain strong despite lingering tight credit conditions and significant inventories of used current production models for sale, which continue to overhang the industry," states the report, which was presented February 12 at the 2012 Helicopter Association International (HAI) "Heli-Expo" in Dallas, TX. Learn more.

Analysts Expect Growth in Asia's Pre-Owned Aircraft Market
February 20, 2012
Asia's market for pre-owned business aircraft is expected to grow substantially in three to five years as today's buyers of new business jets put their aircraft on the market and trade up to newer models, according to several consultants who operate in the region. "Southeast Asia, outside of China, I view to already be a good marketplace for five years and younger aircraft," said Chad Anderson, president of Jetcraft Corporation, which handles sales of new and used business aircraft worldwide. Learn more.

Local Aviation Maintenance Organization Works to Strengthen Profession
February 7, 2012
The all-volunteer Westchester Aircraft Maintenance Association (WAMA), founded in 1960, is one of the oldest local trade associations for aviation maintenance. The organization, based at Westchester County Airport (HPN) in White Plains, NY, is known for its professional education activities aimed mostly at helping young A&Ps and other maintenance professionals. Brad Bertele, the organization's incoming president, intends to continue WAMA's tradition of working to strengthen the profession. "We plan on creating even more opportunities in the future," Bertele said. Learn more.

With a Business Aviation Assist, a Controller Saves a Life
February 6, 2012
When the pilot of a single-engine Cessna radioed an air traffic controller last November to report a failing engine, the controller capably helped the pilot safely reach the ground – in part with help from a Beechcraft King Air, which served as a relay between the troubled pilot and the controller. Learn more about the harrowing event, which received national recognition, in this week's edition of the NBAA Flight Plan podcast. Read the full article.