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NBAA Update Marks 10th Anniversary

November 14, 2011

As of November 12, NBAA has been publishing the NBAA Update e-newsletter for 10 years. That was the date in 2001 when the Association sent out the first issue of the publication, which now reaches more than 20,000 subscribers every week.

NBAA launched NBAA Update in the wake of 9/11, when it became clear a tool was needed to circulate operational and regulatory news to the industry more quickly and regularly amid the changing security environment. That first issue covered security-driven operational challenges like the temporary flight restrictions around New York City, security policies made by federal agencies outside of FAA and the waiver process for helicopter access to Manhattan heliports. The top news item was the fatal crash of American Airlines Flight 587. View the first issue of NBAA Update.

Since that first issue, NBAA Update has appeared every Monday without fail. NBAA Update has served to disseminate operational information for airports and airspace around the world; rally the industry to act together on important advocacy issues; build support for regional business aviation groups; and keep the business aviation community informed on a variety of issues.

Although the timeliness and reliability of the publication haven’t wavered, its look has evolved considerably over the years. Following a “text-only” format in the early years, the newsletter’s first major change took place in 2004 with the debut of a graphics-rich HTML version, when the content was organized into sections for industry-wide news, regional bulletins and news specific to the Association. By January 2011, NBAA Update got another major overhaul, including a sleeker graphic layout and more original reporting, with new sections devoted to advocacy updates, international regulatory and operational news, professional development and a featured story of the week.

Over 10 years, the news reported in NBAA Update has reflected evolving industry standards and innovations in aviation technology. The publication has seen the introduction of safety management systems and the International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO) and has reported on advances in GPS-based approaches, in-flight broadband communications, electronic flight bags and now iPads in the cockpit.

Since the first issue in the wake of September 11, the security environment in particular has changed dramatically, with the establishment of the Department of Homeland Security and the Transportation Security Administration, as well as initiatives like the DCA Access Standard Security Program and the electronic Advanced Passenger Information System (e-APIS). As the operational and regulatory environment continues to evolve, the industry continues to rely on NBAA Update for timely, accurate and relevant information.

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