Letters to Membership

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Dear NBAA Members,

The airlines have recently begun running a television ad that makes false and misleading claims about general aviation. Specifically, the ad asserts that general aviation traffic is the cause of delays, and that GA aircraft get preferential treatment. The ad has aired on CNN Airport Network, and NBAA Members have reported seeing it at the nation's hub airports.

By running their ad, the airlines have stepped up the pursuit of their agenda to shift billions of their costs onto general aviation, introduce new user fees and assume control of the air traffic control system.

NBAA has sent a letter to CNN asking that the spot be pulled because CNN has a policy against accepting misleading and false ads, and we simply want the network to enforce its policy. [Review the letter.]

We will also continue to urge our Members to get involved. One quick and easy way to make your voice heard is to visit NBAA's Online Advocacy Center, where you can use our Contact Congress resource to tell your Members of Congress to oppose the big airlines' lobbying campaign against general aviation. The Online Advocacy Center can be found by visiting: www.nbaa.org/advocacycenter.

NBAA will keep you advised on the progress of our work to defeat user fees and steep tax hikes for our industry, and we know we can count on your support.


Ed Bolen
President and CEO
National Business Aviation Association