Member Benefits: Light Business Airplane Pilots

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New NBAA Ads Reach Out To Business Aviators With Light Airplanes

Are you an entrepreneur who relies on a general aviation (GA) airplane to help your business succeed? If so, a new advertising campaign from the National Business Aviation Association is designed to speak to you.

NBAA recognizes that the Association’s mission is to serve any company, of any size or type, that uses a GA aircraft. For years, NBAA advertisements explaining the Association’s value proposition and encouraging companies to join the Association, have appeared in a variety of trade publications.

The new ads, which feature the slogan "Flying solo doesn't mean you fly alone," are part of an integrated media campaign that speaks to business aviators using light general aviation airplanes. The idea behind the campaign is to address the specific needs and challenges confronting businesspeople in this segment, and the products and services NBAA offers to support their flight operations. "We want remind all companies using aircraft for business that NBAA is here to support their operations and advocate for their interests," said NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen. "That’s the case for large flight departments, and it’s also true for the entrepreneur who is the flight department."

To illustrate his point, Bolen cited a popular option among many owner-operators in NBAA’s Membership, the "Small Aircraft Exemption." Available to NBAA Member Companies using aircraft under 12,500 pounds maximum takeoff weight, the exemption allows a business to utilize certain cost-sharing and reimbursement options for transporting guests on company aircraft, or allowing a subsidiary company to use the airplane. Without this exemption, approved by the Federal Aviation Administration, operators of light business airplanes would not normally be able to utilize these beneficial cost sharing options

Bolen also pointed to NBAA’s Light Business Airplane Buyer’s Guide, which aids business aviators in making sure they have the right airplane for their needs by providing an overview of all light business airplanes in production. The Guide was introduced in 2009 amidst NBAA’s inaugural Light Business Airplane Conference – an event developed with guidance from owner-operators who are leaders in aircraft type clubs, representatives from aircraft service providers and training experts who work closely with those using light business airplanes.

In addition to the new ads, the campaign includes a dedicated web site,