Member Benefits: Light Business Airplane Owners & Pilots

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Light Business Airplane Pilots

If you use your airplane for business, NBAA Membership is right for you. NBAA provides benefits designed specifically to help operate your general aviation airplane for business more safely, efficiently and cost-effectively.

  • NBAA's Small Aircraft Exemption

    NBAA’s Small Aircraft Exemption

    Obtained exclusively for Members, NBAA’s Small Aircraft Exemption provides the full range of economic and operational options extended to large aircraft operators, including the ability to enter into timesharing and joint ownership agreements, or carry passengers or property and charge for the flight. Learn more.

  • 24/7 Networking Opportunities

    24/7 Networking Opportunities

    Share knowledge and best practices with thousands of other owner/operators and single pilots. Air Mail, NBAA’s series of e-mail discussion lists, allows Members to get real-world advice from airplane operators from across the country, around the clock. Learn more.

  • Aviation Tax Resources

    Aviation Tax Resources

    NBAA helps you save money and maximize your airplane investment, with information detailing the FAA regulations on cost reimbursement, guidelines on the tax benefits of using your plane for business trips, and an overview on the non-business use of a business airplane. Learn more.

  • NBAA’s Operations Service Group

    NBAA’s Operations Service Group

    Free access to on-staff industry experts in NBAA’s Operations Service Group, to answer your questions on business airplane ownership and operations. Learn more.

  • NBAA’s Member Directory

    NBAA’s Member Directory

    Use NBAA’s Member Directory to find the products, services, vendors and suppliers you need to make your flight operation more successful.

  • Educational Opportunities In-Person and Online

    Educational Opportunities In-Person and Online

    Receive discounted access to all NBAA events, including the Light Business Airplane Conference – the first industry event to specifically address the needs of light business airplane owners and operators. On-Demand Education courses and webinars are also available, giving Members access to convenient and low-cost educational opportunities.


To join and begin using NBAA’s exceptional resources to help you operate your general aviation airplane more safely, efficiently and cost-effectively, visit the secure, online Membership Application.