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NBAA Workers' Compensation Insurance Program

The NBAA Workers’ Compensation Insurance Program, managed by NationAir Aviation Insurance and underwritten by Old Republic Aerospace, is offered exclusively to NBAA Members that operate aircraft – regardless of size or Member category. It is designed to provide a better, more cost-effective approach to workers’ compensation insurance coverage with the following benefits:

  • Significantly reduced costs for workers’ compensation insurance
  • Broad coverage designed around the needs of general aviation
  • Educational resources and consulting to maximize workplace safety
  • Opportunities to share in cash dividends – up to 20% based upon loss experience
  • Backing for NBAA as it supports the business aviation community

Policies cover everyone involved with a company’s flight operation – pilots, maintenance technicians, flight attendants, flight department managers and aircraft operators. There are even provisions for companies who use contract pilots, contract flight attendants and other contract crew.

Plus, participating companies are now able to derive an additional benefit under the program – the opportunity to earn a cash dividend, something that is quite rare in our industry. Due to the outstanding loss experience of the group since the program’s inception, participating companies may receive a dividend in the form of a refund for a significant portion of their annual premiums. The program has paid out nearly $2 million dollars in dividends to date with an average annual dividend of 17.5%.  

You don’t have to change insurance brokers to take advantage of the NBAA Workers’ Compensation Insurance Program. Your current insurance provider can easily connect you to the program.

Learn more about this program, or contact your current insurance broker.

Become a Member of NBAA

If you’re not already an NBAA Member, you must first join the Association to take advantage of this program.

NBAA provides its Members with the tools needed to learn about operational, technical and legislative issues, stay on top of regulatory requirements and changes, and improve management skills. NBAA Membership is the key to networking with your colleagues in the industry, and becoming involved with local, national and international business aviation communities. As a Member, you’ll be able to make your voice heard by government officials at all levels, advance your career and help your business succeed. Join NBAA today!

NBAA is not the underwriter or broker for this program. NBAA contracts to make this insurance coverage available to NBAA members and receives a licensing fee that is used by NBAA to assist the Association with its ongoing mission of supporting its Members who rely on general aviation aircraft.

Insurance is provided by Old Republic Insurance Company. Dividends are declared by Old Republic's board of directors and are dependent upon the group loss experience and therefore dividends cannot be guaranteed. Past dividend experience should not be used to predict future performance.