Flight Department Administration Resources

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NBAA Management Guide

NBAA’s Management Guide is an industry how-to manual for business aviation management. Recognized as one of NBAA's most popular Member benefits, the Management Guide assists flight departments with operational, maintenance, administrative and other considerations. The information in the guide is often used as reference material to educate non-aviation company personnel on accepted practices and norms of the business aviation community. Learn more.

Compensation Survey

The NBAA Compensation Survey is an indispensable business tool to help NBAA Members create and run the most effective and efficient flight departments. Conducted annually, this industry survey provides a comprehensive review of aviation department personnel salaries and benefits to help Member Companies better evaluate their flight departments. Learn more.

NBAA’s Leadership Conference

This annual event offers the latest information on business aviation management and maintenance topics, such as attracting and retaining qualified flight department members, personnel management, cost accounting, record keeping, human factors and FAA regulations. Learn more.

NBAA Workers’ Compensation Insurance Program

The NBAA Workers’ Compensation Insurance Program, managed by NationAir Aviation Insurance and underwritten by Phoenix Aviation Managers, is offered exclusively to NBAA Members that operate aircraft – regardless of size or Member category. It is designed to provide a better, more cost-effective approach to workers’ compensation insurance coverage with many unique benefits. Policies cover everyone involved with a company’s flight operation – pilots, maintenance technicians, flight attendants, flight department managers and aircraft operators. There are even provisions for companies who use contract pilots, contract flight attendants and other contract crew. Learn more.