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NBAA Resources Available to Match Business Aviation Job Seekers with Employers

June 25, 2013

Increasing worldwide demand for business aviation presents a number of potential avenues for those seeking to advance their careers in the industry. NBAA offers many important resources for professionals seeking new career opportunities, including two important online resources to match employers with those seeking either long-term employment or short-term contract work: the NBAA Business Aviation Jobs site and NBAA Air Mail.

"The NBAA Business Aviation Jobs site offers a convenient, one-stop resource where applicants may post their resumes and review job openings, to identify opportunities that match their skills and qualifications," said Chris Strong, NBAA senior vice president of marketing & member services. "This is particularly useful for those seeking to progress in their business aviation careers, but may also be useful for job seekers looking for the opportunity to join the industry."

For established business aviation professionals seeking short-term or contract work, the Contract Jobs Forum on NBAA Air Mail offers a convenient access point for pilots and other industry personnel to post their availability and qualifications, as well as for employers seeking assistance with "pop-up" business aviation trips or other immediate business professional needs.

While these resources are the most obvious means for business aviation job seekers to connect with potential employers, Strong noted that the upcoming NBAA Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (NBAA2013) also provides a host of other opportunities to learn about career opportunities and to connect with others in the profession. NBAA2013 will take place from Oct. 22 to 24 in Las Vegas, NV.

"The entire show is a tremendous networking opportunity," said Strong. "For example, the NBAA Coffee Social offers the chance to meet with your peers in the industry and gain insight and advice from other business aviation professionals and NBAA staff." The Coffee Social takes place at NBAA’s exhibit floor boot N904, on Oct. 22 at 1:30 p.m., and all Convention attendees are welcome.

A robust slate of courses offered during NBAA2013 through the Professional Development Program (PDP) and Certified Aviation Manager (CAM) Program provide important routes for greater career development and demonstrate to potential employers an applicant's investment in their business aviation career. Any person who occupies or aspires to a management position in a company involved with business aviation is a potential PDP candidate, while CAM accreditation is increasingly viewed as an important asset to employers.

"NBAA also works to bring young, fresh minds to business aviation, especially given the potential shortage of qualified professionals entering the field," Strong added. "On Oct. 24, the NBAA2013 ‘Careers in Business Aviation Day’ will provide middle school, high school and college students with current, reliable information about the business aviation industry and give them perspective on what the industry has to offer them as they investigate possible career opportunities."