NBAA Business Aviation Taxes Seminar

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NBAA Business Aviation Taxes Seminar

Registration is now open for the Business Aviation Taxes Seminar on May 6 in Washington, DC. Learn More.

Business Aviation Tax Planning- Opportunities, Compliance, Success

The NBAA Business Aviation Taxes Seminar on May 8 in Dallas, TX is the event to attend if you are looking for in-depth presentations on actual tax planning challenges that business aircraft owners and operators face on a daily basis.

For 2015, the NBAA Tax Committee completely re-imagined the agenda to provide interactive sessions that go beyond a review of the regulations and offer strategies for managing complex federal and state tax challenges. By investing a single day, you will learn about emerging issues such as state and federal tax challenges to aircraft leasing structures, strategies for sharing a business aircraft, IRS challenges to the “primary purpose” test and more.

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