NBAA Business Aviation Taxes Seminar

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Are you Maximizing Business Aircraft Deductions?

Review a Presentation from the 2013 Taxes Seminar

maximizing-deductionsAre you curious about the educational content that will be offered at NBAA’s May 2 Business Aviation Taxes Seminar in San Francisco? Now you have the exclusive opportunity to review a highly rated PowerPoint from last year's Seminar.

The presentation by Keith Swirsky of GKG Law provides real world strategies companies can use to maximize allowable deductions for use of their business aircraft while avoiding common pitfalls.

The presentation covers the following key points:

  • How to distinguish between trade or business expenses, expenses for the production of income, and hobby expenses, and learn when is each deductible.
  • When are aircraft expenses considered non-deductible entertainment, recreation or amusement expenses?
  • What is the "Leasing Company Trap" and how can you avoid falling into it?
  • What are the "Passive Loss" and "At Risk" rules, and when are they relevant?

Review the Maximizing Business Deductions While Avoiding Trouble Presentation (1.2 MB, PDF)


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