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Schedulers & Dispatchers Conference Exhibitor Directory

WINSLOW LifeRaft Company - UTC Aerospace Systems

11700 SW Winslow Drive
Lake Suzy, FL 34269-1902
Tel: (800) 838-3012
Fax: (941) 613-6677
Booth: 1247

WINSLOW LifeRaft Company is the world's leader for aviation life rafts for business aviation. Built with only one thing in mind and that is to save your life. WINSLOW life rafts have earned the reputation of being manufactured with the highest quality materials and are all hand made.

WINSLOW offers many packing options in both hard packs and valise packs. We will custom pack your life raft to fit almost any location on your aircraft. All aviation life rafts are vacuum packed in WINSLOW UltimaWrap that provides a complete moisture barrier and allows the life raft to go a full 3 years between scheduled maintenance.

Need a life raft in hurry? No problem - WINSLOW can provide emergency deliveries generally within 48 hours when necessary. Our customer service is unequalled.

With service facilities throughout the world that have received full hands on training at the WINSLOW factory, the customer is assured that the life raft will be professionally maintained.
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