NBAA Schedulers & Dispatchers Conference

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Schedulers & Dispatchers Conference Exhibitor Directory

Automated Systems in Aircraft Performance, Inc.

PO Box 2457
Cranberry Township, PA 16066
Tel: (724) 742-4777
Fax: (742) 742-4770
Booth: 557

Runway Analysis and Weight & Balance information from ASAP, Inc. - whether provided through iPad electronic flight bag software, eStar Internet services, or pdf manuals - means greater safety, savings, and speed for corporate aircraft operators. ASAP's tradition of precision, quality and comprehensiveness leads to the highest assurance that your runway analysis and weight & balance calculations are always right, always reliable, and always ready to maximize efficiencies, reduce costs, avoid penalties, and save lives. Since 1995, ASAP has been providing to over 50 airlines worldwide with an airport characteristics/obstacle database of over 7,000 airports/20,000 runway ends worldwide. Now ASAP brings this expertise to the corporate operator with over 200 aircraft/engine combinations in our systems. Providing to customers such as FedEx, World Airways, and servicing a fortune 100 company's customer base of over 2,000 corporate aircraft, our services are unbeatable. In recognition of our quality and precision, the FAA has developed training aid materials in conjunction with ASAP's runway analysis charts and video depicted OEI-One Engine Inoperative terrain avoidance turn procedures. Give us a test ride at

Products & Services
  1. Computer Software Services and Consultants
  2. Consultants - Management Legal Tax
  3. Flight Deck Equipment
  4. Flight Planning Services
  5. Weather Services

Updated: 12/18/2013

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