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Expanded Training Initiative Program Featured at S&D Conference

January 11, 2013

Following a successful introduction last year in San Diego, the NBAA Schedulers & Dispatchers (S&D) Conference Training Initiative (CTI) will return to this year's event Jan. 22 to 25 in San Antonio, TX, with an expanded seminar program focusing on risk management and the increasing financial responsibilities of the S&D position.

Four CTI seminars will address such topics as Federal Aviation Administration and Internal Revenue Service considerations for personal use of business aircraft; guidelines for classifying flights as business versus personal and, how to properly calculate the fringe-benefit value of non-business flights, including standard industry fare level methodology.

"We had 100 people participate in our initial CTI seminars last year, and the feedback we received from them was extremely positive," said Jo Damato, NBAA director of educational development & strategy. "For the program's second year, we want to further increase the tangible benefits for those attending these seminars, so when they've completed the program, they can take that knowledge and training directly to their company."

For 2013, the CTI program consists of 12 sessions, twice the number of offerings in 2012. Eight sessions have been selected to help the scheduler and dispatcher focus on risk-management issues, while the remaining four programs aim to assist the scheduler and dispatcher in their responsibilities related to tax issues.

Sessions are grouped in time blocks throughout the three-day Conference, giving Attendees the opportunity to participate in as many as eight seminars.

"Participants in the program last year told us they had believed it was an 'all or nothing' proposition," Damato added. "That is not the case. There is no minimum number of seminars you need to attend; it can be as many or as few as you want to."

Participants who meet the application requirements – including their physical attendance for an entire CTI session and completion of a five-question quiz based on the session content – will receive a training acknowledgment letter from NBAA.

Damato emphasized there is still time for Attendees to register for the CTI sessions.

"Anyone wishing to receive training acknowledgment for attending one or more of these sessions in their entirety and taking a post-attendance session quiz should contact me at," she said. "Registrants will then be contacted with further participation details prior to the Conference, including application details and the quiz packet."

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