NBAA 21st Annual Schedulers & Dispatchers Conference

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Wednesday, January 27

Crew Scheduling and Fatigue Management

Moderated by: Durwood Heinrich, PhD

Download the presentation (5.54 MB, PDF)

Part 135 Scheduling for Beginners

Moderated by: Kathy Larsen, Flightcraft, Inc., Michaelle Olson, Global Aviation, Kim Ruth Chevron Global Aviation

Download the presentation (893 KB, PDF)

Part 91 Scheduling for Beginners

Moderated by: Robyn Carpenter, Professional Flight Management, Melissa DeCoster, The Williams Company, David Small, Cox Enterprises

Download the presentation (3.62MB, PDF)

What is Taxable? Practical Discussion of Federal Excise Taxes.

Moderated by: Glenn J Hediger, CPA, Aviation Financial Consulting, LLC

Download the presentation (336KB, PDF)

Managing Stress

Paulo Alves, MD, MSc, VP of Aviation & Maritime Health, MedAire, Inc.

Download the presentation (3.52MB, PDF)

Body Language – What are you REALLY Saying?

Moderated by: Jodie Brown, Summit Solutions

Download the presentation (1.02MB, PDF)

Getting Results With No Authority

Presented by: Shari Frisinger, CornerStone Strategies LLC

Download the presentation (1.1MB, PDF)

Proactive Planning for Special Events

Presented by: John Williams

Download the presentation (2.67MB, PDF)

Developing a Scheduler Training Program

Presented by: S. Sabry, FlightSafety International, Program Manager; Amber Finchum, State Farm Insurance, Flight Coordinator/Scheduler; John Frangipani, Meridian Air Charter, Dispatch Manager

Download the presentation (2.29 MB, PDF)

Supplemental Lift – Method Selection & Vetting

Presented by: Holly Whitaker, Exclusive Air, Brian Waldron, The Flight Department, LLC, Shah Qurshi, Executive Jet Management, and Karen Davies, Nationwide Aviation Business Center

Download the presentation (1.10MB, PDF)

Basic Aircraft Performance and Limitations

Presented by: Fred Towers, Universal Weather & Aviation

Download the presentation (10.83 MB, PDF)

Mini IOC

"Africa & Middle East" Presented by Keith Foreman, Master Trip Support Specialist (796KB, PDF)

"Central America, South America, Caribbean" Presented by: Kate York, Jeppesen (4.39MB, PDF)

"Asia and Pacific Rim" Presented by Trey Acree (2.30 MB, PDF)

"European Regional Overview" Presented by: Trey L. Clark, Day of Operations Supervisor, Baseops World Fuel (1.21MB, PDF)

"Russia Overview" Presented by: Michael Prather, Manager of Operations, Baseops/Worldfuel Services (2.10MB, PDF)

Thursday, January 28

Family Assistance after an Accident

Presented by: Carolyn V. Coarsey, PhD, Family Assistance Education and Research Foundation

Download the presentation (2.4MB, PDF)

Personal Use of Business Aircraft

Understanding Non Business Use Regs SIFL Tax
Presented by: Mike Nichols, NBAA

Download the presentation (1.39MB, PDF)

Information Risk Management in Aviation

Presented by: Burdette ASI Matt Burdette, Group; John Legh-Page, Air Routing International; David Ross, Amway

Download the presentation (856KB, PDF)

Advanced Weather; Applications ∓ Short Term Forecasting

Presented by: John Picciano, ARINC Direct

Download the presentation (3.37MB, PDF)

Corporate and Business Aviation Emergency Response Plan Session, Preparation and Planning for 2010

Emergency Response Plan Resource Guide Presented by: Don Chupp (1.97MB, PDF)

Emergency Response Plan Presented by: Don Chupp (217MB, PDF)

Emergency Response Plan 2010 – The Platinum Standard

Presented by: Don Chupp, Fireside Partners LLC

Download the presentation (1.97MB, PDF)

Recommended Reading & Resources For a Career Flight Plan

Building an Aviation Career Plan Resources Handout

Download the presentation (6.40MB, PDF)

Qualifying Your Flight Department Value

Presented by: Mike Nichols, NBAA, Jack Olcott, General Aero Company, Inc

Download the presentation (1.66MB, PDF)

Adapting a Safety Management System (SMS) for Dispatch

Presented by: Jeff Agur, The VanAllen Group, Greg Voos, Home Depot Aviation Department, Mark Antunes, MGM Mirage, Inc.

Download the presentation (1.55MB, PDF)

Cross Border Issues

Presented by Universal Weather and U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

Download the presentation (750KB, PDF)

Moving From Part 91 to Part 135

Weighing the Options
Presented by: Delane Hutcheson, Caris Air Services, DeAlbuquerque, Caris Air, Cal Cleveland, FAA, Ashley Smith, JetLogistics, Inc., and Glenn Hediger, Aviation Finance Consulting, LLC

Download the presentation (3.03MB, PDF)

Understanding Social Media

Presented by: Rob Mark, Ryan Keough, Andy Schweickert, Benet Wilson

Download the presentation (848KB, PDF)

Put Me In Coach... I'm Ready to Work

Presented by: Chris Crum, Sextant Advisory

Download the presentation (848KB, PDF)

Best Practices for Schedulers & Dispatcher

Download the presentation (3.39 MB, PDF)

Advocating for Business Aviation

Presented by: Steve Brown, Sr. VP Operations & Administration, NBAA; Tom Aniello, VP Marketing, Cessna Aircraft; Jim Sweeney, President/CEO, Fargo Jet Center

Download the presentation (2.18MB, PDF)

Friday, January 29

Road Ready Technology for Flight Departments

Presented by: David Purvis – Aviation Integration, Ted Glogovac – Jeppesen, James Spadaro – FlightApps

Download the presentation (1.24MB, PDF)

Smooth Operator- FBO Communications

Presented by: Darren Mensik, Western Airways, Martin Murat, Western Airways, Vince Papke, Wilson Air Center- Charlotte

Download the presentation (1.45MB, PDF)

Managing Your Fuel Purchases

Presented by: Greg Cox, UVair; Russ Standefer, Avfuel; Noel Fournier, Air BP Aviation Services; Connie Fleming, Avitat Bangor; Suzanne Moller, FuelerLinx

Download the presentation (3.01MB, PDF)

Enhanced Operational Support

Presented by: Fred Towers, Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc.

Download the presentation (5.86MB, PDF)

Dealing with Air Traffic & Airport Congestion

Strategies for On-Time Performance

Presented by: Mark Libby, FAA; Lorne Cass, Delta Airlines; Ernie Stellings, NBAA; Pat Somersall, FAA; Mark Hopkins, Delta Airlines; Greg Murray, Air Routing International-A Rockwell Collins Company; Mark Jackson, Boeing Executive Flight

Download the presentation (6.09MB, PDF)

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