NBAA 20th Annual Schedulers & Dispatchers Conference

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Education, Celebration Are the Cornerstones of 20th Annual S&D Conference

LONG BEACH, CA, January 14, 2009 –For Anne-Marie Smith, outgoing chair of NBAA’s Schedulers & Dispatchers (S&D) Committee, the 20th Annual S&D Conference is the culmination of her tenure. She is proud that this milestone meeting features more educational sessions than ever before (36), five Scheduler Professional Development Program (SPDP) courses, and several unique opportunities to celebrate how far the profession has come in the last two decades.

“This is one of the most organized and informative Conferences ever,” Smith declared. “I believe the sessions (including one on the Transportation Security Administration’s Large Aircraft Security Program) and SPDP offerings are right on the mark, with more timely, advanced and detailed information than ever before. More than ever, the S&D Conference is the premier education event for all general aviation schedulers and dispatchers.”

The celebration of the scheduler’s role in business aviation will take many forms. Most significant to Smith is the presentation of the inaugural NBAA Schedulers & Dispatchers Outstanding Achievement & Leadership Award to Sharon Forbes of DuPont Aviation.

In the convention center, Attendees will be able to view a display showing a dispatcher’s desk through the years – a tangible tribute to how the job has evolved.

The S&D Committee also has produced a “yearbook” called The Heritage, which chronicles all 20 S&D Conferences. Smith suggests that Attendees pick up a copy of the book (at the registration desk if they pre-ordered it, or by purchasing it at the Conference bookstore) and bring it to the Thursday evening event, a “reunion” party at the Hyatt. There they can fill the blank back pages with autographs and photos taken with old and new friends at an instant photo booth in the ballroom. Besides rekindling old memories, The Heritage, which is being sponsored by Air Routing International, will raise money for NBAA Charities. This marks the first time that the Conference has had a charitable component.

Unfortunately, the economy is going to prevent some people from participating in the grand celebration, but those not in attendance don’t have to forgo the Conference’s educational opportunities. NBAA, which is committed to long-distance learning, will be offering most of the sessions online. “It’s understandable that travel may be restricted in the current economic environment, but we still want to provide educational options for our professional peers,” said Smith.

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