NBAA 20th Annual Schedulers & Dispatchers Conference

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Heard in the Halls

What was your most memorable NBAA S&D Conference and why?


Amy Martinez
Virgin Charter
"My most memorable Conference was when I was speaking about the Scheduling Handbook in Savannah in 2004. I was so nervous, but happy that my peers recognized my knowledge and experience."


Troy Ladue
MassMutual Financial Group
"My first Conference – 1999 in Orlando – was overwhelming and exciting. I was a fairly new scheduler, and through my participation in the Conference I learned what being a scheduler truly meant."


Sharon Martin
ACE Flight Operations
"The Conference in 2000. I was a scholarship recipient and used the funding to complete my bachelor’s degree. It was very exciting to win the scholarship and know that I could continue with my education."


Gerald Grady
CSX Corporation
"The year 1992 in Denver was very special. Due to the growth and professional content of the event, the name was changed from "Seminar" to "Conference," actually making 1992 the first Schedulers & Dispatchers Conference. And gaining full Standing Committee recognition by NBAA, and publication of a special support services supplement to the NBAA Membership Directory that included schedulers and dispatchers, these were exciting elements of a true success story."

How has being involved with the NBAA S&D Conference benefited your career, and how has it impacted your flight department?


Jeff Dolan
Jet Aviation
“The S&D Conference has enabled me to meet many people with different skill sets. The network has given me the opportunity to find and offer solutions to issues that affect my department. It also has enabled me to gather knowledge and implement new processes and procedures that have proved to be effective in other departments. Without the S&D Conference, these opportunities would not have been available to me.”


Aymie Thornton
Holly Corporation
“It has definitely made me stretch my goals. Early in my career, my goals were so simple – like fuel targets and hotel cost containment. My targets now have developed into true growth goals, like serving on the NBAA S&D Committee and starting a regional S&D group. These achieved goals have enriched my flight department and increased my productivity as an aviation coordinator.”


Diane Rivers
Meredith Corporation
“I’ve met so many people from all over and in the way I do my job as a result. And no matter what situation comes up, I know there is someone out there who has experienced the same thing and can offer advice.”

Barbara Hunt
West Coast Charters
“I still connect with people I have come to know through this Conference. We share a common bond and often are able to send business to each other. In my opinion, this is one of the best events offered by NBAA.”

Debbie Miller
Minnesota Jet
“The relationships I have developed over the years are irreplaceable. The knowledge I have gained from the sessions, peers and vendors has helped me develop my career in general aviation.”

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