Local and Regional Group Leadership Roundtable

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Regional Leadership Roundtable

NBAA's Local and Regional Group Committee and the Minnesota Business Aviation Association will host the 2015 Local and Regional Group Leadership Roundtable on May 14 in Minneapolis, MN.

The event offers regional group leaders the opportunity to share best practices with their peers and provide valuable tools, resources and takeaways that attendees can bring back to their respective groups.

At last year’s Regional Leadership Roundtable, more than 30 attendees represented regional business aviation organizations from around the country. Topics of discussion included community, airport and FAA involvement; leadership by board and executive directors; IRS entity formation; communication tools and resources; budgeting and financial management; and tools and action plans for forming new local and regional groups.

Prior to the roundtable, an evening event will be held on May 13 at a local aviation museum. The roundtable location is next to the Mall of America, the most visited shopping mall in the world.

Note: Attendance for this event is limited to current regional group leaders and those in the process of starting a new regional business aviation organization.

For More Information

For more information, contact the NBAA Local and Regional Group Committee Chair Don Hitch at regionalchair@nbaa.org.

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