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All flight departments should have an up-to-date flight operations manual setting forth policies and procedures designed to ensure safe and effective flight operations. NBAA requires its Corporate Members to have a manual, and many insurance companies also insist on one. The primary reason for a Flight Operations Manual, however, is to communicate expectations regarding flight department standards and procedures to department members, passengers and company personnel.

NBAA’s highly acclaimed Flight Operations Manual Workshop incorporates the International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO). NBAA, in conjunction with the International Business Aviation Council (IBAC), has devised a code of good operating practices for flight departments designed to promote highly professional operational practices. After years of development, a set of standards and practices has been established and is acceptable to most world aviation authorities. Flight departments that demonstrate compliance with these standards are eligible to receive a certificate of registration from IBAC.

This highly interactive workshop draws upon the experiences of class participants to understand how flight departments really operate, and will cover topics including safety operations-manual systems, standard operating procedures (SOPs), flight operations, training, maintenance and international standards.

Participants will leave the workshop with sufficient knowledge and materials to develop an IS- BAO-compliant draft manual upon arrival back at home base.

This course meets PDP (Professional Development Program) Objective AM1. Held in conjunction with NBAA's Management Fundamentals for Flight Departments Workshop.

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