NBAA PDP Course: Emergency Response Planning Workshop

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Workshop Topics

Every aviation department should have the ability to implement its emergency response plan at a moment's notice. This practical, two-day workshop helps your company be prepared in the event of a worst-case scenario, gives you the knowledge needed to put together an effective response and provides tips for updating your company's emergency response plan at least every other year. Participants learn the issues involved in aviation-related disasters, which also can readily be applied in nonaviation events.

Response Plan

The Emergency Response Plan

  • What is an emergency?
  • What is the Emergency Response Plan?
  • Why is an Emergency Response Plan important?

What to Do in an Emergency

  • Aircraft accident verifcation form
  • Emergency operations staf telephone directory
  • Other emergency telephone numbers
  • Master checklist

Disaster Scenarios

  • Procedures for initial notifcation/verifcation of accident
  • Emergency management team and its equipment
  • Emergency management center and its equipment
  • Trip manifests and victim identifcation
  • Traumatic stress: victims, family and company personnel
  • Next-of-kin notifcation procedures
  • Next-of-kin support issues
  • Accident-site security
  • Financial issues and insurance company support
  • Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) investigations

Insurance and Legal Issues

  • Post-accident process review
  • Preparing accident information form and important phone numbers


  • The press
  • Your company
  • Environmental Protection Agency
  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration involvement in aircraft accidents
  • General public developing an emergency

Key Roles in the Emergency Organization

  • Emergency operations director
  • On-site response team director
  • Assistant on-site response team director
  • Headquarters coordinator
  • Public relations coordinator
  • Next-of-kin coordinator
  • Flight department representative
  • Risk management representative
  • Legal coordinator
  • Government relations coordinator

Responding to an Emergency, The Details

  • Your organization's initial response
  • Activating the emergency operations center
  • Your organization's on-site response
  • Notifying management
  • Developing a reliable passenger/crew list
  • Identifying victims
  • Notifying next-of-kin
  • Managing communications
  • Investigating the accident

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