NBAA PDP Course: Emergency Planning for Business Aviation

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About the Speakers

Carolyn V. Coarsey, Ph.D.

Dr. Carolyn V. Coarsey is the President and Co-Founder of the Foundation. She is the President of Higher Resources, Inc., and serves as Executive Vice President of Corporate Philosophy and Family Assistance Programs for Aviem International, Inc. She has an innovative approach to designing effective family assistance training: she interviews survivors, family members, and responders to discover post-accident practices that are helpful and those that are not. These results form the basis for her curricula and approach to working with individuals and families in crisis.

Carolyn created Higher Resources in 1989 and since that time has produced videos and training programs for organizations that are designed to improve post-disaster response. Her Human Services Response™ training programs highlight the unique role of employee responders of industrial tragedies and are used by aviation and rail companies, cruise lines, energy providers, and multiple agencies and organizations throughout the world.

She is a family survivor herself of a mass transportation tragedy, having lost her fiancé, on Delta Air Lines Flight 191 in August 1985. She is an airline industry veteran, having worked for Eastern Airlines during three fatal crashes and Braniff International Airlines, where she was Director of Human Resources during shutdown of the airline in May, 1982.

In addition to being a psychotherapist, Carolyn holds a Ph.D. in Training and Learning Technologies from the University of New Mexico, with a program emphasis on managing trauma in the workplace. Her doctoral dissertation, titled Psychological Aftermath of Air Disaster: What Can Be Learned For Training? is one of the first scientific studies of commercial air disaster survivors. Her research has clearly shown the importance of an organization’s employee response on long-term emotional adjustment of survivors. In addition to studying survivors, Carolyn has conducted studies for the Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board on issues surrounding employee stress. She has also conducted research on the post-traumatic effects of fatal accident response on fire, police and other rescue personnel sponsored by government grants. In 1991 she participated on a task force with the American Hospital Association that developed the guidelines for handling mass transportation disasters. Carolyn has also worked with the US Department of Defense casualty bureau to address issues of dealing with families after military disasters, terrorist attacks and suicides.

In addition to her work at Higher Resources, Carolyn, has conducted training around the world in such diverse areas as Japan, South Africa, Northern Africa, and Europe. Her book, The Handbook for Human Services Response, details nearly twenty years of her own research as to best practices for helping disaster survivors.

Jeff Morgan

Jeff Morgan is Chairman and Co-Founder of the Foundation and President & CEO of the Foundation's partner Aviem International, Inc. Aviem is a full-service emergency services company dedicated to helping companies prepare for disaster with planning, consulting, training, exercises, and disaster support services.

Jeff created Aviem International, Inc. after a 20-year career with Delta Air Lines, Inc. During his last six years at Delta he was instrumental in creating Delta’s first dedicated emergency management department, responsible not only for aircraft emergency response procedures but general emergency preparedness, disaster recovery, and business continuity planning.

He is widely recognized within the airline industry for creating the program that set the standard for how airlines respond to disaster with the joint Delta/Swissair response to the Flight 111 tragedy in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Jeff has taken his wealth of knowledge and experience to expand Aviem’s services well beyond just aviation and mass transportation and works with many organizations involved in emergency management including various governmental and public safety agencies, healthcare, gas/petroleum and other corporate clients. Jeff also works with strategic partners around the world to provide an integrated network of resources that bring “best of breed” to every service provided to all clients.

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