NBAA PDP Course: Principles of Aviation Leadership

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Presented by: Phil Roberts, PAR Travel Tech and Sinclair Community College

Held in conjunction with NBAA's 2014 Leadership Conference.

This course covers the fundamental traits, tools and actions of leaders, offering a solid foundation of "enabling tools," examples and exercises to build basic skills. Areas of special interest to Certified Aviation Managers (CAMs) and students of leadership skills include vision, mission and values statements; strategic planning; team building; and sustained/improved superior performance.

This one-day personal and professional development course is for those who want to improve their own capabilities, those who want to help their organization, those who want to mentor, those who need to be or want to be challenged, including direct reports or high potential folks that need to rise to new levels of expertise.

The text used in this course, The Leadership Challenge, 5th Edition by Kouzes and Posner, ranks as one of the top most respected and used books on the subject of leadership in the 30 years.

This course fulfills NBAA PDP Leadership Objectives 1 and 2.

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