NBAA PDP Course Schedule

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NBAA’s Professional Development Program (PDP) was developed to prepare business aviation professionals for management roles within business aviation flight departments. The program encourages participation in coursework, recognizes outstanding participants and rewards those seeking careers in business aviation. Anyone who occupies or aspires to a management position in a company involved with business aviation is eligible to participate.

PDP courses teach the skills needed to be an effective manager, which are the same regardless of a person's specialty background. All members of the flight department are good candidates for management training, whether supervisory pilots, maintenance personnel, line service personnel, schedulers, dispatchers or flight attendants.

Established training organizations and educational institutions, known as approved PDP providers, offer courses year-round through a variety of convenient and flexible delivery methods, including on-site seminars, Internet courses and video instruction. NBAA recognizes educational providers by offering courses that meet defined PDP objectives, and individuals receive Association recognition for successfully completing PDP-approved courses.

The offerings listed below represent just a few of the opportunities NBAA makes available for professional development. For more information about the program and upcoming PDP courses, visit NBAA's PDP Course Directory page.

NBAA PDP Course Schedule

Feb. 2–3, 2015
Aviation Human Factors
Meets Objective: HR9
Presenter: Global Jet Services
Location: San Jose, CA
Feb. 3, 2015
Developing Strategic Vision, Mission and Goals in Business Aviation
Meets Objectives: L1, L2
Presenter: Dr. C. Daniel Prather, Aviation Training Solutions
Location: San Jose, CA

The Scheduler and Dispatcher Function
Meets Objective: Ops2
Presenter: Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Location: San Jose, CA
Feb. 24, 2015
Staffing Needs & Job-Related Training for Aviation Departments
Meets Objectives: HR1, HR2
Presenter: Dr. C. Daniel Prather, Aviation Training Solutions
Location: Tucson, AZ
March 27, 2015
Building, Coordinating and Developing a Flight Department Team
Meets Objective: BM6
Presenter: Jodie Brown, Summit Solutions
Location: San Antonio, TX
May 8, 2015
SMS From the Top Down
Meets Objective: L7
Presenter: Sunshine McCarthy, Baldwin Safety & Compliance
Location: Portland, OR
May 11–12, 2015
Practical Aviation Risk Management
Meets Objective: HR9
Presenter: Robert Gould, Bravo Golf Aviation
Location: Weston, FL
Sept. 14, 2015
Regulatory Compliance and Documentation
Meets Objective: Ops3
Presenters: Kali M. Hague and Kent S. Jackson, Jackson & Wade
Location: NBAA Headquarters, Washington, DC
Sept. 15, 2015
Goal Achievement and Performance Reviews
Meets Objective: L2, HR5
Presenter: Dr. Shari Frisinger, Cornerstone Strategies, LLC
Location: NBAA Headquarters, Washington, DC
Nov. 15, 2015
Teams in Business Aviation and General Aviation, Performance Enhancing Tools
Meets Objective: BM6
Presenter: Bob Hobbi, Service Elements
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Nov. 15–16 2015
Flight Operations Manual Workshop
Meets Objective: Ops1, Ops4
Presenter: NBAA and Walter Kraujalis, AeronomX
Location: Las Vegas, NV

Emergency Response Planning Workshop
Meets Objective: Ops5
Presenter: The VanAllen Group
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Nov. 16, 2015
Technical Operations Manual Workshop
Meets Objective: T8
Presenter: NBAA and Len Beauchemin, AeroTechna, Inc.
Location: Las Vegas, NV

Introduction to Business Aviation
Meets Objective: BM1
Presenter: Phil Roberts, PAR Travel Tech, Inc.
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Nov. 20–21, 2015
Management Fundamentals for Flight Departments Workshop
Meets Objective: L2, L3
Presenter: NBAA and Walter Kraujalis, AeronomX
Location: Las Vegas, NV

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