2013 Maintenance Management Conference

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Webinar Offers Roadmap to Cabin Technology Issues and Solutions

April 22, 2013

Advances in the level of high-speed connectivity available in modern business aircraft cabins seem to outpace even the most timely and thorough discussions and training. A recent NBAA online presentation addressed this conundrum and continued an earlier discussion about these ever-changing technologies.

Presented by former NBAA Maintenance Committee Chairman Brad Townsend, aircraft maintenance professional Jim Janaitis, and Jon Haag, lead technician for a Midwestern aircraft operator, "The Modern Office in the Sky: Radar to a Roadmap," adopts a lighter, more conversational approach than typical webinars discussing the issues affecting maintainers and users of high-speed data systems in the cabin. The frank discussion also offers specific examples of circumstances that may prevent data systems from working properly.

One topic, for example, was a recently identified fault involving some operating systems used by a popular tablet computer. Should a passenger attempt to connect their device to the onboard data system before the wireless data connection is live (which occurs above 10,000 feet) the tablet's operating system may recognize the condition as a fault – and, brick the device. The corrective procedure involves rebooting the tablet in the presence of a working data connection, and then using that connection to renew the device lease.

Another topic addressed during the presentation is how quickly onboard data connections may be compromised by automatic device updates or by passenger demands and expectations.

View the “Radar to a Roadmap” webinar.

The webinar is a 30-minute follow-up to a Dec. 12 webinar that documented the development of cabin data telecommunications. That session also included 12 lessons learned from the perspectives of NBAA Maintenance Committee volunteers who have outfitted several aircraft with data systems.

In addition to sharing updated information with maintenance technicians and cabin personnel, “Radar to a Roadmap” serves as a bridge between the earlier discussion and sessions addressing high-speed data systems installation and usage to be held at the upcoming NBAA Maintenance Management Conference, set for April 30 to May 2 at the Fort Worth Convention Center in Fort Worth, TX.

"This is such a dynamic topic, that the presenters felt the audience could benefit from the lessons they've learned in just the past few months," said Jo Damato, NBAA director, educational development & strategy. "This is an ongoing commitment that the maintenance managers have taken on, to inject fresh information into the discussion."