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Don’t miss these dynamic keynote addresses from leaders in the industry.

Chris WhiteChris White

Chris is the Managing Director at the Center for Positive Organization at the University of Michigan. Chris studies and speaks about how people without a leadership title can step up with courage and act like leaders to affect positive change. He studies this and presents his research looking at social movements throughout time around the world. While flight department leaders might have a leadership level tile in their flight department, within the greater organization they often struggle to affect change, find ways to add value and get the attention of their principals and companies.

Cindy SolomonCindy Solomon

Cindy is the founder & CEO of Cindy Soloman & Associates and a professional researcher, speaker & consultant who focuses her work on improving the customer experience and increasing leadership effectiveness. Her specific focus of work is dedicated to creating a culture of courage in organizations. A dynamic speaker with very targeted tangible lessons for developing courage and helping others do the same, she will touch on the 4 types of courage and identify ways to face specific circumstances. Her presentation speaks to people at all levels in an organization.

Vernice Flygirl ArmourVernice "FlyGirl" Armour

Vernice has been both a police officer and a combat pilot and she is now a professional speaker and consultant focusing on leadership and courage. She talks about turning obstacles into opportunities, the courage it takes to do that and owning the opportunity for major personal and professional breakthroughs.

Brian ShulBrian Shul

Brian is a Vietnam Attack Pilot and later flew the SR-71 Blackbird. He has an amazing story of courage with tangible take-away lessons that you won’t want to miss.

Call FussmanCall Fussman

Cal is a journalist at Esquire Magazine and has written the What I’ve Learned article for many years and interviewed countless of world leaders, entertainers, celebrities, athletes, and business leaders. He will talk about how changing the question can change the answer in your personal and professional life.

Misha GloubermanMisha Glouberman

Misha is an expert on the subtle arts of negotiation and communication. He takes the principles of good negotiation and better listening, and applies them to a broad set of circumstances to help people solve problems together, reach mutually beneficial agreements, and communicate more effectively – in all walks of life.

Shaun TomsonShaun Tomson

Shaun was a professional surfer from South Africa. He has also been an entrepreneur having started multiple businesses in his career. He will talk about the lessons learned form his years surfing and analogies from surfing to discuss critical skills and lessons about leadership and courage.

Alison LevineAlison Levine

Allison lead the first all-female climbing expedition up Mount Everest. She extracts tangible lessons about leadership and courage from her experiences on Everest and other expedition.

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