NBAA 17th Annual Leadership Conference

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Review the agenda below to access podcasts from the NBAA 17th Annual Leadership Conference, held from February 18-19, 2009 in New Orleans, LA. Themed "Winds of Change," NBAA’s Leadership Conference provided two days of valuable management information along with networking opportunities with our industries most successful leaders.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

3:30 pm – 5:00 pm
"The Serious Changes our Industry is Facing" Panel Discussion
Listen to this panel discussion about those who have already faced the waves of change. NBAA assembled a distinguished panel for an open and frank discussion on the serious changes our industry is facing. Hear what strategies panel members employed, what succeeded, what failed, what their next steps may be to stay ahead in areas, such as meeting broader C-Level expectations; managing the impact of globalization and an economy in flux; repairing the image of business aviation inside and outside of our own organizations; and finding and developing the right leaders in business aviation to achieve the change that will be needed to thrive.

Discussion – Part 1
(MP3, Runtime - 12:32 File Size: 5.73 MB)
Speaker: Aaron Hilkemann
Duncan Aviation, Inc.
Coping with change and organizing a reaction to the changes you are facing.
Discussion – Part 2
(MP3, Runtime - 11:30, File Size: 5.26 MB)
Speaker: Ed Bolen
National Business Aviation Association
Industry changes, how NBAA is coping with changes and trying to stay ahead of the reactions.
Discussion – Part 3
(MP3, Runtime - 8:08, File Size: 3.72 MB)
Speaker: John RosanVallon
Dassault Falcon Jet Corporation
The manufacturers response to change with an emphasis on how GAMA and NBAA are handling these situations.
Discussion – Part 4
(MP3, Runtime - 9:54, File Size: 4.53 MB)
Moderator: Donald P. Henderson
KeyCorp Aviation Center
Question and Answer session
Discussion – Part 5
(MP3, Runtime - 10:24, File Size: 4.79 MB)
Moderator: Donald P. Henderson
KeyCorp Aviation Center
Question and Answer session, continued.
Discussion – Part 6
(MP3, Runtime - 4:16, File Size: 1.95 MB)
Speaker: Bill Baldwin & Jay Evans
Summary of panel discussion, Explaination of the “Case for business aviation” discussion (Steve Hadley, moderatorator).

Thursday, February 19, 2009

7:00 am – 8:00 am
"The Business Case for Business Aviation": Facilitated Group Discussion
What are the best ways to track and communicate the value of your flight department to key stakeholders – both internally (executives) and externally (shareholders, the media)? This panel discussion presents ideas and experiences from NBAA Leadership Conference attendees and provides resources for documenting business aviation performance metrics and explaining the business value of your flight operations.

Discussion – Part 1
(MP3, Runtime - 11:29, File Size: 5.25 MB)
Moderated by: Steve Hadley
NBAA Regional Representative
Introduction to this “Case for Business Aviation” discussion
Discussion – Part 2
(MP3, Runtime - 9:58, File Size: 4.56 MB)
Moderated by: Pete Agur
Van Allen Group
Q&A from this session.
Discussion – Part 3
(MP3, Runtime - 11:30, File Size: 5.26 MB)
Moderated by: Greg Woods
Q&A from this session.
Discussion – Part 4
(MP3, Runtime - 9:25, File Size: 4.31 MB)
Q&A from this session.
Discussion – Part 5
(MP3, Runtime - 6:15, File Size: 2.86 MB)
Moderated by: Don Henderson
KeyCorp Aviation Center
Q&A from this session, discussion on acting like a CFO.
Discussion – Part 6
(MP3, Runtime - 6:18, File Size: 2.88 MB)
Moderated by: Jack Olcott
Q&A from this session.

Podcast Preview

  • Burt Rutan

    Interview with Burt Rutan, Aviation Pioneer

    Burt Rutan, legendary designer, visionary and aircraft pioneer, will keynote this year's Leadership Conference, February 18-19 in New Orleans, LA. Named one of Time magazine's "100 Most Influential People of the World," Burt is a living testimony to the benefits of embracing and creating change in our industry, and he is poised to rewrite the book on modern flight to include near space with Virgin Galactic. Listen to an interview of Burt Rutan by Corporate Aviation Management Committee member Janet Bressler of ExcelAire Service LLC.
    Download the 2.69 MB MP3 file.


  • Who Moved My Cheese?

    Interview with Curt Garbett of Spencer Johnson Partners

    Spencer Johnson's book Who Moved My Cheese? is a leadership staple, declared by as its #1 selling book of 2005. Curt Garbett of Spencer Johnson Partners will present the key points of the book in an entertaining and enlightening way to explain how people – and companies – cope with change. Listen to an interview of Curt Garbett by Corporate Aviation Management Committee member Ed White of Amgen, Inc.
    Download the 3.32 MB MP3 file.


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