NBAA 17th Annual Leadership Conference

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Schedulers & Dispatchers Conference,

Winds of Change

verb, to make the future course of something different from what it would be if left alone; to transform.
noun, a transformation or modification.

The only constant is change, along with a host of other quotes about the inevitability of cycles, transition and cultural shift, have been consistently validated by history. Yet many leaders still approach change with reactive measures instead of pro-active measures. Like swimmers in the ocean, what separates those who surf from those who get knocked down by the waves? Like change, we all know the waves will come, yet only those who anticipate and prepare for this eventuality will surf and enjoy the ride. Many others will flounder trying to keep their head above water. Lately in business aviation, more has changed than remains the same. In light of the changing needs of the industry, such as expectations, workforce, global markets, downsizing and upsizing – How do we stay ahead? How do we learn to surf? On February 18 and 19, 2009, the NBAA Leadership Conference in New Orleans, LA will tackle CHANGE head on. Join us as we spend two thought-provoking and interactive days creating a map to help you better navigate change in our industry.

  • Conference Agenda

    Conference Agenda

    Review the schedule of education sessions for both seasoned professionals and aspiring leaders, and the learn more about the conference's networking events. Review the agenda.

  • Podcasts


    Listen to podcasts from conference sessions that discuss the changes facing business aviation and ways to track and communicate the value of your flight department to key stakeholders. Learn more.

  • Housing & Transportation

    Housing & Transportation

    Review hotel information for the conference, including hotel offers for special conference rates, and learn more about getting to and around New Orleans. Continue.

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