NBAA Leadership Conference

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Power Tools for Building Success

The NBAA Corporate Aviation Management Committee invites you to attend the 2008 Leadership Conference in San Antonio, TX.

Join industry peers for this highly interactive program, where you’ll be given excellent tools and guidelines that you can use right away. Presentations will provide practical and proven insights that will enable you to lead and manage even more effectively, and each of the Conference sessions has time built-in to permit the probing of important ideas and issues that are specific to you. Networking with your peers is always an added bonus, and here you can gain a wealth of valuable contacts and useful views from others who face the same challenges. The following are featured presentations of next year’s event.

For More Information

For more information, contact NBAA's Jay Evans at (202) 783-9353 or

Presentations & Podcasts

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Everybody’s Business: Leadership and the Challenge of Ethics in Management

Febuary 27, 2008

Speaker: Andrew C. Wicks, PhD, Associate Professor, The Darden School, and Co-Director of The Olsson Center for Business Ethics, University of Virginia
Sponsored by FlightSafety International

Session/Podcast Description: Ethics is an inherent part of what we do when we lead. The hard part is to be thoughtful about what values we choose, and how we use them both to shape our decisions and to convince others to follow us. Professor Wicks l focused on examining how we get off course, even when we are well intentioned, and how we lead when it is not clear what the right thing to do is. Powerful case studies will be discussed that challenge us to find convincing reasons for our choices when we get into the ethics “grey zone.” As part of our business tool kit, it will be shown that our values and ethics skills are critical to our ability to lead and to get others to follow.

*Note: the available podcast is a 6-part recording of Dr. Wicks’ core presentation. On-site attendees benefited from an interactive scenario-driven session after the core presentation. Plan to be on-site at the 2009 NBAA Leadership Conference Feb 16-19, 2009 at the Doubletree Hotel in New Orleans, LA.

Listen to parts in order from 1 through 6. Total runtime of all 6 parts is approximately 73 minutes:


Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6

Dr. Wicks Presentation on Ethics (PDF, 651 KB)

Can Bad Things Happen to Good Companies?

Febuary 28, 2008

Speaker: The Honorable Robert Sumwalt, Vice Chairman, National Transportation Safety Board

Safety Leadership – Most aircraft accidents are rooted in organizational issues. Safety must start with leadership, and it must permeate the entire organization. This session guarantees to provide practical leadership tools and a proven roadmap to help aviation leaders develop a healthy safety culture within their aviation departments.

Good Leadership Leads to Good Safety – You were an excellent pilot and enjoyed flying the company’s jet around the world. Senior management noticed your dedication to piloting and rewarded you with the opportunity to take over the reins of the aviation department. This module focused on how attendees could strengthen their leadership skills to become a great leader. And what does this have to do with safety? Quite simply, good leadership leads to good safety. Without one, you probably won’t have the other.

The Honorable Robert Sumwalt, National Transportation Safety Board Presentation (PDF, 952 KB)

Diversity Metrics & Analytics…It Makes Dollars & Sense!

Febuary 28, 2008

Speaker: Craig Clayton, Director and Diversity Strategist with the University of Houston’s Bauer College of Business’s International Institute for Diversity & Cross-Cultural Management. Founder of the Greater Houston Diversity Coalition and the Center for Diversity Research

The key to organizational success starts with how its employees are treated. Employees who feel valued and respected are much more likely to give their best efforts on a regular basis. This is often referred to as ‘discretionary effort’ and is the secret to increasing the levels of high performing work teams. While these competencies are critical to long term success for any organization, the first step is creating a corporate culture that values and respects its most valuable asset…. its employees! This module focused on helping attendees understand the significance of managing and leveraging the “people to profit” chain.

Craig Clayton, University of Houston Presentation (PDF, 749 KB)

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