NBAA 38th Annual International Operators Conference

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Below are downloadable presentations from the NBAA 38th Annual International Operators Conference, held from March 21 to March 24, 2011, in San Diego, CA. This annual event, planned in conjunction with NBAA’s International Operators Committee, brings together a team of expert speakers from around the world to address international operational issues and new technologies in both the cockpit and cabin. Direct questions about the presentations to NBAA Director, International Operations Bill Stine at

Monday, March 21, 2011

Regional Review; North Atlantic and North America

Moderated by: Bris Gannett, Rockwell Collins Flight Information Solutions

Presented by Sam Barone, Canadian Business Aviation Association (CBAA); Heather Bell, NAV Canada; Dave Stohr, Air Training International (ATI); and Mandy Hodge, Canada Border Services Agency

Canadian Update, Sam Barone (296 KB, PDF)

Nav Canada Update, Heather Bell (1.22 MB, PDF)

North Atlantic Region Update, Dave Stohr (3.1 MB, PDF)

Cabotage, Mandy Hodge (142 KB, PDF)

Customs Issues

Moderated by Mark Hazard, Universal Weather & Aviation

Presented by Mandy Hodge, Canada Border Services Agency; Eric Rodriguez, DHS; Juan Muniz, UV Air; and Laura Everington, Universal Weather & Aviation

Small Aircraft Reporting, Mandy Hodge (443 KB, PDF)

U.S. Customs, Eric Rodriguez (183 KB, PDF)

Homeland Security, Laura Everington (383 KB, PDF)

Mexico Customs & Immigration, Juan Muniz (389 KB, PDF)

Regional Review: Russia and China

Moderated by Keith Dixon, Colt International, and Mike Wittman, PF/AVPlan

Presented by Jim Leggett, ACASS; Igor Mudrick, Vipport; Joe Chen, Jet Service China Success; and Norman Gionet, Hertz Corp.

Russia, Keith Dixon (207 KB, PDF)

Russia From a Pilot's Perspective, Jim Leggett (1.34 MB, PDF)

Russia From a Ground Handler's Perspective, Igor Mudrick (394 KB, PDF)

China, Mike Wittman (237 KB, PDF)

Your Successful Trip to China, Joe Chen (737 KB, PDF)

China From a Pilot's Perspective, Norman Gionet (168 KB, PDF)

Best Security Practices for International Operators

Moderated by Charlie LeBlanc, Medex Global Solutions

Presented by Tom Winn, Medex Global Solutions; John L. Sullivan, Welsh Sullivan Group, LLC; Brian Delauter, TSA-General Aviation; and Blair Wilson, TSA-General Aviation

Download the presentation (457 KB, PDF)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Managing Fatigue Countermeasures With SMS Compliance

Moderated by Debbi Laux, MedAire, Inc.

Presented by Dr. Paulo Alves, MedAire, Inc.; Don Baldwin, Baldwin Aviation; and Craig Hanlon, DuPont Aviation

Physiological Aspects of Fatigue Management, Dr. Paulo Alves (1.12 MB, PDF)

Fatigue Management and SMS, Don Baldwin (205 KB, PDF)

Managing Fatigue - An Operator's Perspective, Craig Hanlon (713 KB, PDF)

Regional Review: Caribbean and South America

Moderated by Ryan Frankhouser, ARINC Direct

Presented by Helmuth Rueckert, ASMCorp; Ivan Navarro, Air Support of El Salvador; and Flavia Ribas, Lider Aviacao

Operations in Mexico, Helmuth Rueckert (232 KB, PDF)

Central America, Ivan Navarro (1.2 MB, PDF)

South America, Flavia Ribas (695 KB, PDF)

Avionics Explained

Moderated by Sergio Cecutta, Honeywell International

Panel #1 – Lower Minima, a user's perspective

  • Dean A. Schwab, Senior Manager, HGS Flight Operations – Technical, Rockwell Collins Head-Up Guidance Systems
  • Jeffrey Holt, Lead Pilot, Customer & Product Support Flight Operations, Honeywell International
  • Ronald Weight, Chief Pilot, Honeywell International

Download the presentation (789 KB, PDF)

Panel #2 - Mandates

  • David Syms, Datalink Product Manager, Honeywell International
  • Jim Gallagher, Large and Mid Cabin Sustaining Program Director, Gulfstream
  • Thomas Hilpert, Director, Advanced Programs & Central Engineering, Hawker Beechcraft

Download the presentation (415 KB, PDF)

Regional Review: Pacific Rim

Moderated by Michael Ouellette, Baseops International

Presented by Randy Kincade, BaseOps International; Mike Ross, Avjet; Kevin Sullivan, Avjet Asia; Steve Tafel, Executive International; and Rich Nath, BaseOps International

Download the presentation (2.31 MB, PDF)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011 – Safety Day

SMS, IS-BAO and Performance Considerations

Moderated by Brad Baas, 3M

Presented by Anita Trotter-Cox, Assessment Compliance Group, Inc.; Gary Tucker, Ball Corp.; Kathy Perfetti, International Business Aviation Council

Safety Management System: Systematic Approach to Managing Safety Risks, Anita Trotter-Cox (105 KB, PDF)

SMS - Concept to Culture, Gary Tucker (3.67 MB, PDF)

SMS/IS-BAO Implementation, Kathy Perfetti (130 KB, PDF)

SAFAs, UK Level Busts and STCs

Moderated by Gary Dietz, AT&T and John Tuten, Honeywell International

Presented by Bill Leipnik, NATS; Simon Williams, UK CAA; and Don Trekell, CAE SimuFlite

UK Level Busts, Bill Leipnik (377 KB, PDF)

UK Level Busts Video, Bill Leipnik (4.8 MB, WMV)

UK Safety Update, Simon Williams (142 KB, PDF)

SAFA Checks, Don Trekell (977 KB, PDF)

International Regulatory Update and GNEs

Moderated by Steve Thorpe, Merck & Co. Inc.

Presented by Dave Stohr, Air Training International (ATI); and Guy Gribble, Air Training International (ATI)

Regulations and Errors, Dave Stohr (15.91 MB, PDF)

Cockpit Automation and International Contingencies, Guy Gribble (6.53 MB, PDF)

Variations from ICAO Operational Standards, PANS-OPS and Trainer Feedback

Moderated by Gary Dietz, AT&T

Presented by Mike Schaaf, FlightSafety International; Shawn Scott, Scott International Procedures; and John Tuten, Honeywell

PANS-OPS, Mike Schaaf (1.91 MB, PDF)

Differences from ICAO Standards, Shawn Scott (1.5 MB, PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions, John Tuten (223 KB, PDF)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Regional Review: Africa and Middle East Region - What You Need to Know

Moderated by Lex den Herder, Universal Weather & Aviation, Inc.

Presented by Nuno Pereira, BestFly Angola; Susan Mashibe, Tanzanite Jet Centre; and Bart Gault, Gault Aviation Services

Download the presentation (1.41 MB, PDF)

Views and Perspectives about Business Aviation in the Middle East from Mr. Ali Al Naqbi, Founding Chairman, Middle East Business Aviation Association (246 KB, PDF)

Regional Review: Europe

Moderated by Nancy Schnetz-Pierce, Jeppesen

Presented by Annette Payne, Jeppesen UK; John Swaney, Hewlett-Packard; Phill Rawlins, Rade Aviation Ltd.; and Simon Williams, UK CAA

Download the presentation (1.27 MB, PDF)

2012 Olympics - London Airspace Restrictions Information (5.7 MB, PDF)

London City Airport Information (166 KB, PDF)

Luton Airport Information (38 KB, PDF)

Hot Topics - International Operations, EU-ETS, SMS, International Regulations

Moderated by Lex den Herder Universal Weather and Aviation Inc.

Presented by Doug Carr, NBAA; Phil Linebaugh, International Trip Planning; Adam Hartley, Universal Weather & Aviation; and Keith Foreman, Universal Weather & Aviation

Download the presentation (770 KB, PDF)

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