NBAA 36th Annual International Operators Conference

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Safety Management System

One World – One Conference, IOC 2009

NBAA’s International Operators Committee has met annually for over 36 years to provide guidelines and strategies for best practices to flight departments providing international transportation for their passengers. This Conference has grown not only in size but in sophistication and scope, and now provides four days of intense Information Sessions designed to assist flight departments fly safely, securely, efficiently and legally. As our world changes, it has become increasingly important but more difficult to stay current on issues affecting the 190 ICAO states that make up our fast moving world.

The 2009 NBAA International Operators Conference braught a team of expert speakers from around the world to address international operational issues, along with new technologies that appear in the cockpit and cabin in ever increasing numbers. The NBAA International Operators Conference is not only an excellent source of up-to-date information, but facilitates networking with industry peers and is an opportunity to meet with the service providers that deliver valuable resources for planning safe and successful international trips.

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