NBAA 35th Annual International Operators Conference

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Delivering Safety, Security and Accessibility for Business Aviation Around the World

NBAA’s International Operators Committee has met annually for over 35 years to provide guidelines and strategies for best practices to flight departments providing international transportation for their passengers. This Conference has grown not only in size but in sophistication and scope, and now provides four days of intense Information Sessions designed to assist flight departments fly safely, securely, efficiently and legally. As our world changes, it has become increasingly important but more difficult to stay current on issues affecting the 190 ICAO states that make up our fast moving world.

The NBAA International Operators Conference again will bring a team of expert speakers from around the world to address international operational issues, along with new technologies that appear in the cockpit and cabin in ever increasing numbers. The NBAA International Operators Conference is not only an excellent source of up-to-date information, but facilitates networking with industry peers and is an opportunity to meet with the service providers that deliver valuable resources for planning safe and successful international trips.

For more information, direct registration questions to or contact NBAA Registrations by phone at (202) 478-7770.


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Monday, March 10, 2008

Best Practices for Safe International Flight Operations – What do you need and how do you get it?

Presented by Gary Dietz, AT&T and John Hammel, Altria Corporate Services

Joint presenation (PDF, 349KB)

North American/North Atlantic Regional Session

Presented by Paul Spooner NATS UK, Rich Gage CBAA and representatives from NAV Canada;
Moderated by Lex de Herder, Universal Weather & Aviation, Inc.

Mr. de Herder's presentation - International Operations: North America and North Atlantic (PDF, 2.84MB)

Caribbean, Central and South America Regional Overview

Moderated by John Harpool, BaseOps

Mr. Cruz's presentation - Mexico (PDF, 1.38MB)
Mr. Hanlon's presentation - The Caribbean: A Pilot's Perspective (PDF, 5.09MB)
Mr. Oliveria's presentation - Brazilian ATS Provider: Actual Infrastructure and Future Implementation Plans (PDF, 1.77MB)

Current Medical Issues: Alcohol Abuse, Long-Range Flight Concerns and Sleep vs. Duty Hours

Presented by Dr. Quay Snyder, Virtual Flight Surgeons, Inc.; Dr. Paulo Alves, MedAire, Inc. and Dr. Melissa Mallis, Institutes for Behavioral Resources, Inc; Moderated by Debbi Laux, MedAire

Dr. Alves' presentation (PDF, 593KB)
Dr. Snyder's presentation (PDF, 403KB)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

CNS/ATM (Avionics Equipage)

Presented by Arnold Oldach, Rockwell Collins and Ed Borger, Honeywell International
Moderated by Ron Weight, Honeywell International

Mr. Oldach's presentation - Part I (PDF, 1.31MB); Part II (PDF, 1.34MB)
Mr. Grimes' presentation - Data Link in Oceanic Operations (PDF, 415KB)
Mr. Borger's presentation - Automatic Dependant Surveillance - Contract (ADS-C)(PDF, 621KB)

Regional Review: Russia/China including the Beijing Olym pics 2008

Moderated by Nancy Pierce, Jeppesen and Michael Wittman, Pacific Coast Forecasting

Joint presentation - China and Russia Regional Review (PDF, 16.44MB)

Regional Review: Pacific/South East Asia

Moderated by Ryan Frankhouser, ARINC Direct

Mr. Henry's presentation - The View From Downunder (PDF, 1.15MB)
Satya Sharma's presentation - Regional Overview: India(PDF, 271KB)
Mr. Bullards' presentation - Regional Overview: Japan(PDF, 128KB)

EASA’s SAFA Program; ICAO’s ATC Phraseology and ETOPS Considerations

Presented by Shawn Scott, Scott International Procedures, LLC

Mr. McKie's presentation - ICAO ATC Phraseology (PDF, 482KB)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Africa/Middle East Regional Review (AFI/MID)

Moderated by Bris Gannett, Air Routing International

Mr. Buchanan's presentation - Africa/Middle East Review (PDF, 3.31MB)
Middle East Region(PDF, 1.90MB)
Operations in Africa (PDF, 1.67MB)

TSA, CBP, Visa Waiver Requirements, APIS and Activities

Moderated by Mark Hazard, Universal Weather & Aviation, Inc.

Laura Everington's presentation - Department of Homeland Security U.S. CBP and TSA (PDF, 440KB)

IOC 2008 Security Session Synopsis

Panelists: Matt Burdette, ASI Group and Felix Batista, ASI Global;
Moderated by Charlie LeBlanc, ASI Group

Mr. Batista's presentation - K&R 101: Introduction to Kidnap for Ransom(PDF, 896KB)
Mr. Burdette's presentation - Global Security Overview (PDF, 957KB)
Mr. Williams presentation - United States/Mexico Border Assessment(PDF, 839KB)

The Changing World of ICAO and What it Means to You

Moderated by Mike Schaaf

Mr. Schaaf's presentation (PDF, 440KB)
Mr. Fox's presentation - Developments in International Civil Aviation (PDF, 1.04MB)
Mr. Larsen's presentation - Performance-Based Navigation (PDF, 1.68MB)

Thursday, March 13, 2008

EU Regional Session

Presented by Paul Rodsio, Professional Pilot Services, Eric Mandemaker, EBAA and a Representative of the British Business & General Aviation Association (BBGA)
Moderated by Phil Tyler, Colt International

Mr. Lachlan's presentation - UK Update (PDF, 495KB)
Mr. Wilson's presentation - Aviation Security in the European Union(PDF, 1.20 MB)
Presentation - European Operations(PDF, 66KB)
ECACNAV Website presentation(PDF, 57KB)

Environment Carbon and NOx and Trading Schemes

Presented by Rich Gage, CBAA, Don Spruston, IBAC and Guy Visele, EBAA

Mr. Spruston's presentation - Aviation and the Environment (PDF, 109KB)
Mr. Gage's presentation - Environment Carbon and NOX Trading Schemes (PDF, 90KB)
Mr. Viselé's presentation - Environment Carbon and NOX Trading Schemes (PDF, 106KB)

Effects of Fatigue on Threat Error Management

Presented by Charlie Savage, 777 Check Airman and CAE SimuFlite Instructor and Garry Goff, MD80 Captain and CAE SimuFlite Instructor
Moderated by Pat Dunn, Motorola, Inc.

Joint presentation - The Role of Fatigue in Threat & Error Management (PDF, 1.56MB)

Review of Oceanic Navigation

Presented by Don Trekell Captain, Kimberly-Clark Corporation and Lead Instructor - International Procedures CAE SimuFlite and John Latson, CAE SimuFlite Instructor and Subject Matter Expert-International Procedures

Joint presentation - Review of Ocean Navigation (PDF, 5.61MB)

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