Business Aircraft Finance, Registration & Legal Conference

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New Business Aviation Use Options to Be Highlighted at NBAA's Aircraft Finance Conference

Dec. 31, 2015

Aircraft utilization options, including proven methods like traditional charter operations and fractional program management, as well as new business models, including modified fractional and membership programs, are among the topics to be highlighted at NBAA's upcoming Business Aircraft Finance, Registration & Legal Conference, set for Feb. 10 to 12 in Boca Raton, FL.

New Business Aviation Use Options to Be Highlighted at NBAA's Aircraft Finance Conference

“Charter and traditional fractional operators have been around for a long time and this segment of the market has gone through the most evolution since 2009,” said Lee Rohde of Essex Aviation Group, who will moderate the session. “Many traditional fractional owners are frustrated by increased capital requirements from the legacy fractional programs because of their necessary fleet transition. These new options frequently don’t require such exposure of capital and in some cases feature more operational flexibility.”

Cory Cozzens of Beacon will also be presenting, representing a new membership-based model. Beacon members pay a fixed fee each month to gain access to scheduled flights. Members then share the aircraft with other Beacon members.

“By merging the conveniences of private travel with the economic efficiencies of scheduled commercial service, Beacon bridges the expansive gap between traditional private and commercial air travel options for the frequent flyer,” said Cozzens. “Just as importantly, by offering guaranteed flight hours on fixed routes and schedules, Beacon provides significantly improved options for asset utilization for the aircraft owner and operator.”

Ian Moore of VistaJet and Keith Plumb of Executive AirShare also will be on hand to share their views. VistaJet is another membership-based program, but with a different payment and access model than Beacon’s. While VistaJet’s U.S. program and Beacon are the sales and marketing segment of the programs, both have partnered with third-party Part 135 certificate holders to operate the actual flights.

Executive AirShare is what Rohde refers to as a “hybrid” – both a Part 91(K) fractional program manager and Part 135 certificate holder with a number of unique options for aircraft users.

“This session will expose attendees to these different aircraft ownership and usage models,” said Scott O’Brien, NBAA’s senior manager of finance and policy. “The presenters will help advisors understand what questions to ask of each type of program and guide them in how to match the different models to their company’s or client’s needs.”

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