Flight Attendants/Flight Technicians Conference

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Review the presentations from the 2011 Flight Attendants/Flight Technicians Conference.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Keynote Speaker: Pat Johns, Exploring for Excellence

Sponsored by Jet Professionals, LLC and Jet Aviation Teterboro

“It’s about how we change when we face challenges head on!” Pat Johns, photojournalist and athlete takes us on a journey “In the Shadow of Giants,” as we explore our own potential with the Power of the Five C’s; Comfort zone, Commitment, Connections, Common sense and Compassion. As our industry and economy evolve, Pat offers skills and tools we can share amongst our colleagues, our organizations and aircraft as we handle the challenges of today.

Exploring for Excellence, Pat Johns (0.2 MB, PDF)

Flight Attendant Drug and Alcohol Program “FADAP”
Flight Attendants Helping Flight Attendants

Presented by Deborah McCormick, a US Airways Flight Attendant with 38 years of service currently the FADAP coordinator, a Certified Employee Assistance Professional, National Certified Addiction Counselor and Substance Abuse Professional and Heather Healy, Director of an Employee Assistance Program headquartered in Washington DC and field instructor with the University of Maryland School of Social Work, certified as an Employee Assistance Professional, a Drug and Alcohol Counselor, and a Substance Abuse Professional for DOT evaluations.

Where would you turn if you or a co-worker were experiencing a form of drug or alcohol addiction? Did you know that Flight Attendants are nine times more likely than pilots to test positive for drugs or alcohol. Both the afflicted and the affected flight attendant now have a confidential place to turn for help, regardless of your employer or affiliation. Come join us and gain an understanding of what resources and services the newly created Flight Attendant Drug and Alcohol Program “FADAP” can provide you or fellow co-workers suffering from addiction.

Flight Attendant Drug and Alcohol Program “FADAP”, Deborah McCormick (1.2 MB, PDF)

Technology Impact

Presented by Aircell and Satcom Direct

In today’s world, aircraft owners, executives and passengers expect to utilize their voice, data and video devices with little to no service interruption while traveling. Two of our leading communications providers, Aircell and Satcom Direct, will demonstrate how to go from ground transportation onto the aircraft and travel around the world without skipping a beat! The knowledge you’ll gain from this session will help you to become more “tech savvy”, and confident in handling technological challenges that might arise on the aircraft.

Technology Impact, Dan Prosser, Aircell (0.6 MB, PDF)

Technology Impact, Satcom Direct (1.8 MB, PDF)

Educating the Client Enhances Cabin Safety

Presented by Amy Nelson, ConocoPhillips Alaska

How many times have you heard, “because the client likes it this way?” or “But I own the plane…?” Are your clients aware of safety and security regulations and why we have them? This session covers various methods used to effectively educate clients and passengers resulting in a much safer cabin environment.

Educating the Client Enhances Cabin Safety, Amy Nelson (0.9 MB, PDF)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Minute Clinic: Don’t You Dare Cross Me!

Presented by GA Food Safety Professionals

Jean Dible will cover the following topics for food safety in the galley: How to thaw and reheat foods correctly, microwave cooking and reheating and cross-contamination in the food galley.

Food Safety, Jean Dible (0.0 MB, Word)

Minute Clinic: Ethnic Catering – Around the World in 30 Minutes

Presented by Harry Purut

Ethnic Catering – Around the World in 30 Minutes (1.6 MB, PDF)

Minute Clinic: Internet Catering & Technology

Presented by InflightEx Technology

This session brings you up-to-date on the current flight attendant software packages as well as the latest apps on your mobile phone that enhance your job performance. Topics include maintaining electronic passenger and crew profiles, catering ordering tips to avoid inappropriate packaging and sizing along with a discussion on future interactive catering ordering processes.

Internet Catering & Technology, InflightEx Technology (1.5 MB, PDF)

Dry Ice

Presented by United States Air Force

Dry ice can be very beneficial for food storage when used properly. The USAF Flight Attendants have successfully created various techniques using dry ice for food storage; allowing them to be self-contained for many days and still meet the requirements. They will explain the various techniques, uses, safety precautions and equipment requirements necessary to ensure proper use of dry ice while keeping safety at the forefront.

Dry Ice and Food Storage, United States Air Force (1.3 MB, PDF)

Safety Management System and the Flight Attendant/Flight Technician

Presented by Thomas Anthony, Director USC Aviation Safety and Security Program

A Safety Management System (SMS) is an operational foundation for flight departments. Do you know the ICAO regulations that will impact your operation? How do you assist in the development, integration, and implementation of an SMS and identify hazards? Your role and participation as a Flight Attendant or Flight Technician can be crucial to the success of your operation’s SMS program.

SMS: What it is and what it means to me, Thomas Anthony (0.6 MB, PDF)

Reality Bites

Presented by contract corporate flight attendants Paul Aston, Kendylle Wessell and Will Macca

A panel of corporate flight attendants share their individual accounts of cabin preparations, evacuations and catering sabotage. Each of their stories validates the importance and justification for our position onboard the aircraft and how their flight attendant training was put to use and what we can each learn from their experiences. A can’t miss session!

Reality Bites (0.3 MB, PDF)

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