NBAA-BACE Static Display of Aircraft

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The static display of aircraft brings together the world's most cutting edge business aircraft in one venue for NBAA attendees and exhibitors. Held at Henderson Executive Airport, the NBAA-BACE static display allows business aircraft buyers from around the globe to evaluate a wide spectrum of aircraft options in person.

Aircraft Directory

Exhibitor Aircraft Make Aircraft Model
Aerolineas Ejecutivas, S.A.DE CVTBD
Aerometal international incDouglasDC3
American Champion Aircraft Corp.AmericanSuper Decathalon
Aviat Aircraft, Inc.AviatHusky
Aviation Performance Solutions, LLCSiaMarchetti
Avpro, Inc.AirbusHeli
Avpro, Inc.TBDTBD
Avpro, Inc.TBDTBD
Avpro, Inc.TBDTBD
Banc of America LeasingL
Boeing Business JetsBoeingBBJ
Dassault Falcon JetDassault8X
Dassault Falcon JetDassault7X
Dassault Falcon JetDassault2000LX
Dassault Falcon JetDassault900LX
Dassault Falcon JetDassault5X Mock-up
Dreams Soar, Inc.BeechcraftBonanza
Embraer Executive Aircraft, Inc.EmbraerPhenom 100
Embraer Executive Aircraft, Inc.EmbraerPhenom 300
Embraer Executive Aircraft, Inc.EmbraerLegacy 450
Embraer Executive Aircraft, Inc.EmbraerLegacy 500
Embraer Executive Aircraft, Inc.EmbraerLegacy 650
Embraer Executive Aircraft, Inc.EmbraerLineage 1000
Engine Assurance ProgramDassaultFalcon 50
Epic Aircraft, LLCEpicLT
Epic Aircraft, LLCEpicLT
Global Jet CapitalEmbraerLineage 1000
Guardian Jet LLCTBDTBD
Guardian Jet LLCTBDTBD
Guardian Jet LLCTBDTBD
Guardian Jet LLCTBDTBD
Gulfstream Aerospace CorporationGulfstreamG280
Gulfstream Aerospace CorporationGulfstreamG500
Gulfstream Aerospace CorporationGulfstreamG550
Gulfstream Aerospace CorporationGulfstreamG650
Gulfstream Aerospace CorporationGulfstreamG650ER
Gulfstream Aerospace CorporationGulfstreamFAST Truck
Gulfstream Aerospace CorporationGulfstreamMock-Up
Hampton AviationBeechcraftKA250
Honda Aircraft CompanyHondaHonda Jet
Honda Aircraft CompanyHondaHonda Jet
Jetcraft CorporationBombardierGlobal 5000
Jetcraft CorporationL
Jetcraft CorporationL
Jeteffect, Inc.M
Jeteffect, Inc.M
Jeteffect, Inc.M
Nextant AerospaceNextantC90
Nextant AerospaceNextant400XTi
Nextant AerospaceNextantCL604
Nextant AerospaceNextantMSU
Piper Aircraft, Inc.PiperTBD
Piper Aircraft, Inc.PiperTBD
Piper Aircraft, Inc.PiperTBD
Rare AircraftStinsonSR-9F
Rare AircraftWacoUPF-7
Satcom DirectCessnaCJ
Satcom DirectMotorhomeN/A
Skyservice Business Aviation, Inc.BombardierChallenger 604
Textron AviationBell525 Mock-up
Textron AviationCessnaHemishere Mock-up
Textron AviationCessnaMSU
Textron AviationCessnaLongitude
Textron AviationCessnaLatitude
Textron AviationCessnaGand Caravan
Textron AviationCessnaXLS+
Textron AviationCessnaCJ4
Textron AviationCessnaCJ3+
Textron AviationCessnaM2
Textron AviationBeechcraftKing Air 250
Textron AviationBeechcraftKing Air 350i
Textron AviationCessnaScorpion
Textron AviationCessnaCJ4
The Jet BusinessL
The Jet BusinessL
The Jet BusinessL
Twinbrook AviationBeechcraftKA90
Universal Avionics Systems Corp.CessnaCJ VII
VistaJet Ltd.BombardierGlobal 5000

Static Display Severe Weather Policy

When there is a severe weather warning or actual severe weather, NBAA will close the static display and work with exhibitors to evacuate and secure the site. When there is a forecast for severe weather or possible winds in excess of 35 knots, NBAA will advise attendees and exhibitors of the possibility that the static display may close. When the actual winds are in excess of 45 knots, NBAA will close the static display and instruct all attendees to seek shelter. If the airport authority closes the airport for any reason, NBAA will close the static display for the duration of the airport-directed closing.

Any person who attends an NBAA convention, conference, seminar or other program grants permission to NBAA, its employees and agents (collectively "NBAA") to record his or her visual/audio images, including, but not limited to, photographs, digital images, voices, sound or video recordings, audio clips, or accompanying written descriptions, and, without notifying such person, to use his or her name and such images for any purpose of NBAA, including advertisements for NBAA and its programs.

2017 NBAA-BACE Sponsors

NBAA wishes to thank its generous sponsors for supporting NBAA-BACE.


Additional sponsorship opportunities are available.
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