NBAA-BACE Exhibitor Benefits

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Exhibiting companies receive a variety of exclusive benefits to help them get the greatest value from their experience at NBAA-BACE.

Complimentary Badges

Exhibitors will receive an allotment of complimentary badges based on the following:

Badge Allocation
Number of Badges per Exhibit Space Reserved
Premium Exhibit Space Exhibitor
7 badges, up to a maximum of 100 badges
Standard Exhibit Space Exhibitor
5 badges, up to a maximum of 100 badges
Static Display Exhibitor
1 badge, up to a maximum of 100 badges

Discounted Additional Badges

Exhibitors also receive the opportunity to purchase additional exhibitor badges for customers, guests, or staff at the reduced rate of $110 per badge.

Complimentary Company Profile

Exhibitors receive one free company profile per exhibit application received. Company profiles provide exhibitors with the opportunity to put their company information in front of the 27,000 attendees at NBAA-BACE in the online exhibitor directory and the NBAA-BACE mobile app.

Company Logo on the NBAA-BACE Website and Mobile App

Exhibitors may upload their company logos which will be displayed in their online exhibitor profiles, on the online floor plan and in the NBAA-BACE mobile app.

Exhibitor Invitation

NBAA provides an invitation for exhibitors to send to customers – existing and prospective – to invite them to their booths at the show. NBAA does not distribute attendee lists for any of our shows.

Exhibitor Site Visit

NBAA sponsors a site visit to Las Vegas in the first quarter of 2017. All exhibitors – both indoor and static display – are invited to this informative event to tour the exhibit halls, Henderson Executive Airport, NBAA block hotels and hospitality event venues. Additionally, exhibitors will have the opportunity to meet convention center and Freeman representatives, to network with other exhibitors and to learn best practices during an informative education session that will provide valuable content on helping exhibitors get the greatest return on investment at NBAA-BACE.

Use of the Official NBAA-BACE Logo

Exhibitors have exclusive use of the NBAA-BACE logo for their email signatures and marketing materials to help promote their participation at NBAA-BACE.

Press Conferences

Exhibitors are invited to host press conferences at NBAA-BACE to let the industry know about their companies’ latest news.

Press Releases

Exhibitors are encouraged to drop off their press kits in the NBAA-BACE press headquarters or to stop by the show dailies’ offices on site to ensure that their news gets wide distribution.

Exhibitors may also upload their press releases and marketing materials to their company profiles online. This will provide a wealth of information to anyone who searches for each company.

Press Roster

An up-to-date listing of all registered members of the media can be found in the NBAA-BACE Exhibitor Dashboard. Exhibitors may use this list to share their companies’ news and promote their press events at NBAA-BACE.

Exhibitor-Hosted Booth Events

Exhibitors may host events at their booths to help draw attendees to their exhibits and create buzz.

Put Your Message in Front of Attendees

Exhibitors also have the exclusive opportunity to purchase ads in the NBAA-BACE Show Guide, on the NBAA-BACE website and in the mobile app.

First-Time Exhibitor Benefits

NBAA offers a variety of special benefits to first-time exhibitors to help them increase their visibility and ensure they get the greatest value from their first experience at NBAA-BACE. Learn more about being a first-time NBAA-BACE exhibitor.

Additional Benefits

Additionally, exhibitors have access to:

  • Free NBAA-BACE hotel shuttle buses on show days and press day
  • Discounted hotel rates through the NBAA-BACE housing provider, onPeak

Talk to the NBAA-BACE exhibits team for more ideas on getting the greatest value from your exhibit.

2017 NBAA-BACE Sponsors

NBAA wishes to thank its generous sponsors for supporting NBAA-BACE.


Additional sponsorship opportunities are available.
Please contact NBAA via to learn more.