NBAA2014 Static Display of Aircraft

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The Static Display of Aircraft brings together the world's most cutting edge business aircraft in one venue for NBAA attendees and exhibitors. Held at Orlando Executive Airport, the NBAA2014 Static Display allows business aircraft buyers from around the globe to evaluate a wide spectrum of aircraft options in person.

For information about exhibiting at the NBAA2014 Static Display, including rules and pricing, visit Exhibitors > Static Display.

Static Display Hours

Tuesday, October 21
9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Wednesday, October 22
9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p..m
Thursday, October 23
9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Directions to Orlando Executive Airport

Orlando Executive Airport is located three miles east of downtown Orlando.
From the South/West (Tampa, Walt Disney World, Lake Buena Vista, etc.)
Take Interstate 4 east to SR 408 (East-West Expressway)
Take SR 408 (East-West Expressway) east to the Bumby Avenue exit
Take Anderson Street east to Crystal Lake Drive
Turn Left on Crystal Drive and take to E. Colonial Dr. (SR 50)
Turn Right on E. Colonial Dr (SR 50) and take to Herndon Ave.
Turn Right on Herndon Ave and follow the signs to parking

Aircraft Directory

View the Static Display of Aircraft Map

Indoor Static Display


Aircraft Make

Aircraft Model


Aviat Aircraft Inc Husky A-1C Indoor Static Display
Bell Helicopter Bell 429 Booth 212
Bell Helicopter Bell 505 mock-up Booth 212
Dahar Socata Socata TBM-900 Indoor Static Display
Dassault Falcon Falcon 5x mock-up Booth 2651
Discovery Aviation Discovery 201 Indoor Static Display
Discovery Aviation Discovery XL-2 Indoor Static Display
Epic Aircraft Epic E1000 Indoor Static Display
Epic Aircraft Epic E1000 mock-up Booth 4677
Honda Aircraft Company Honda HA-420 mock-up Booth 5062
Kestrel Aircraft Kestrel JP10 Mock-up Indoor Static Display
Pilatus Aircraft Pilatus PC-12 Booth 4699
Pilatus Aircraft Pilatus PC-24 mock-up Booth 4699
Progressive Aerodyne Searey Indoor Static Display
Quest Aerospace Quest Kodiak Indoor Static Display
Robinson Helicopter Robinson R-66 Indoor Static Display

Outdoor Static Display


Aircraft Make

Aircraft Model

Aerolineas Ejecutivas (NARA member)BeechHawker 800
Avcon Industries, Inc. BombardierLear 24
Aviflex AviationBombardierLear 45
Avpro, Inc.TBDTBD
Avpro, Inc.TBDTBD
Avpro, Inc.TBDTBD
Avpro, Inc.TBDTBD
Avpro, Inc.TBDTBD
Boeing Business JetsBoeingBBJ
Bombardier AerospaceBombardierGlobal 6000
Bombardier AerospaceBombardierGlobal 6000
Bombardier AerospaceBombardierGlobal 6000
Bombardier AerospaceBombardierChallenger 350
Bombardier AerospaceBombardierLear 45
Bombardier AerospaceBombardierLear 75
Bombardier AerospaceBombardierLear 85
Bloomer deVere Group Avia, Inc.CessnaCitation XLS
CB Aviaition, Inc.BeechKing Air 250
Dallas Jet International (NARA member)GulfstreamG-400
Dassault FalconDassault Falcon900LX
Dassault FalconDassault Falcon7X
Dassault FalconDassault Falcon2000S
Deer Jet Co., Ltd.GulfstreamG-550
Eagle Aviation, Inc. (NARA member)CessnaCitation XLS
Eagle Creek Aviation Services (NARA member)EmbraerPhenom 100
Eclipse Aerospace, Inc.Eclipse550
Elliott Aviation, Inc. (NARA member)BeechKA 350
Elliott Aviation, Inc. (NARA member)CessnaCitation X
Embraer Executive JetsEmbraerPhenom 100
Embraer Executive JetsEmbraerPhenom 300
Embraer Executive JetsEmbraerLegacy 450
Embraer Executive JetsEmbraerLegacy 500
Embraer Executive JetsEmbraerLegacy 650
Embraer Executive JetsEmbraerLineage 1000E
Embraer Executive Jets - PreFlown (NARA Member)EmbraerLegacy 600
Front Range Aviation LLC (NARA member)BeechKA 350
Garmin USABeechBeechjet 400
Global Wings (NARA member)BeechBeech Premier 1A
Greenpoint Technologies, Inc.BombardierLear 55
Guardian Jet LLCTBDTBD
Guardian Jet LLCTBDTBD
Guardian Jet LLCTBDTBD
Guardian Jet LLCTBDTBD
Gulfstream AerospaceGulfstreamG650ER
Gulfstream AerospaceGulfstreamG550
Gulfstream AerospaceGulfstreamG450
Gulfstream AerospaceGulfstreamG280
Gulfstream AerospaceGulfstreamG150
Gulfstream AerospaceGulfstreamG150
Honda Aircraft CompanyHondaHondaJet
HoneywellDassault FalconFalcon 900
Hubbard Aviation TechnologiesGulfstreamG-III
Jack Prewitt & Associates, Inc. (NARA member)GulfstreamGV
jetAVIVACessnaCitation 5
jetAVIVAEmbraerPhenom 100
Jeteffect, Inc. (NARA member)BombardierChallenger 604
Jeteffect, Inc. (NARA member)BeechHawker 800XP
Jeteffect, Inc. (NARA member)CessnaMustang
Jeteffect, Inc. (NARA member)BombardierGlobal 5000
Jetblack Aviation, Inc.BombardierLear 45
Jetcraft Corporation (NARA member)BombardierGlobal
Jetcraft Corporation (NARA member)BombardierGlobal-XRS
Jetcraft Corporation (NARA member)Dassault FalconFalcon 900EX-EASY
Jetcraft Corporation (NARA member)Dassault FalconTBD
Leading Edge Aviation SolutionsBombardierChallenger 605
Leading Edge Aviation SolutionsBombardierChallenger 604
MENTE Group (NARA member)GulfstreamG-450
MENTE Group (NARA member)Dassault FalconFalcon 900EX-EASY
MENTE Group (NARA member)GulfstreamG-150
Nextant AerospaceNextant400 XTI
Piaggio AeroPiaggioP-180
Piper Aircraft, Inc.PiperPA-46 Meridian
Piper Aircraft, Inc.PiperPA-46 Mirage
Raisbeck EngineeringBombardierLear 60
Satcom DirectCessnaCJ-3
Textron AviationCessnaSovereign +
Textron AviationCessnaXLS+
Textron AviationCessnaCJ3
Textron AviationBeechKA350
Textron AviationCessnaCTX90
Textron AviationCessnaMUSTANG
Textron AviationCessnaGRAND CARAVAN
Textron AviationCessnaM2
Textron AviationCessnaCITATION X
Textron AviationCessnaCJ4
Textron AviationBeechKA250
Textron AviationCessnaLATITUDE
Universal Avionics Systems Corp.CessnaCessna Citation VII
Viking Air LimitedViking AirTwin Otter
Viking Air LimitedViking AirTurbo Beaver

Static Display Severe Weather Policy

When there is a severe weather warning or actual severe weather, NBAA will close the Static Display and work with exhibitors to evacuate and secure the site. When there is a forecast for severe weather and/or possible winds in excess of 35 knots, NBAA will advise attendees and exhibitors of the possibility that the Static Display may close. When the actual winds are in excess of 45 knots, NBAA will close the Static Display and instruct all attendees to seek shelter. If the airport authority closes the airport for any reason, NBAA will close the Static Display for the duration of the airport-directed closing.

Any person who attends an NBAA convention, conference, seminar or other program grants permission to NBAA, its employees and agents (collectively "NBAA") to record his or her visual/audio images, including, but not limited to, photographs, digital images, voices, sound or video recordings, audio clips, or accompanying written descriptions, and, without notifying such person, to use his or her name and such images for any purpose of NBAA, including advertisements for NBAA and its programs.