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Exhibitor Profile: Aircraft Belts

Longtime NBAA Exhibitor, Aircraft Belts, Growing New Airbag Business

October 23, 2014

"This is a great venue to have a lot of meetings in one location, it saves us all a lot of time and miles traveled," said Rick O'Quinn, sale manager for Aircraft Belts, Inc., who has exhibited at NBAA's convention for 14 straight years.

Aircraft Belts manufactures safety restraints for business airplanes, and has launched a joint venture, Aviation Occupant Safety (AOS), to bring automotive airbag technology to business airplanes.

"We are strictly focused on business aviation," said O'Quinn, "We sell directly to OEMs (original equipment manufacturers), seat frame manufacturers and independent owners and operators."

AOS was recently selected as the supplier for the Cirrus SF50 for its forward-facing airbag system, and for the side-facing couch on the Cessna Latitude.

"We'll build to your requirements, everything is TSO (technical standard order) certified. We manufacture everything on-site in Creedmoor, NC," said O'Quinn, of the 200-person company.

This has been very good year at NBAA2014 for Aircraft Belts.

"This show is great not only to interact with current customers, but to generate new business," said O'Quinn. "We come to network within our industry, see new products out there – including from our competitors – and stay up-to-date on current opportunities."

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