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NBAA2014 Safety Town Hall Meeting to Examine Professionalism

Aug. 21, 2014

Professionalism will be the primary focus of the NBAA Safety Town Meeting, set for Oct. 21, during the NBAA Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (NBAA2014) in Orlando, FL. Keynote speaker Tony Kern, co-founder of Convergent Performance, will address the human factors of aviation professionalism.

“Professionalism is talked about a lot, but seldom is it framed in a context specific to business aviation,” said Steve Charbonneau, incoming chairman of the NBAA Safety Committee, who will moderate the session. This context is the product of the NBAA Safety Committee’s professionalism workgroup.

Created during the committee’s annual risk analysis, the workgroup, led by Marty Grier, senior manager of maintenance at The Home Depot, dissected professionalism’s various factors and organized them to better meet business aviation’s safety needs and goals. The results of the workgroup’s efforts will be introduced to the membership at the Safety Town Hall Meeting.

The workgroup also defined their subject: “Professionalism in aviation is the pursuit of excellence through discipline, ethical behavior, and continuous improvement.”

It goes hand-in-hand with a positive safety culture, said Charbonneau, which is another of NBAA’s Top 10 Safety Focus Areas, which the Safety Town Hall Meeting will touch on. Combined, “they give flight departments the best opportunity to have a safe business aviation operation.”

Regardless of their contribution to business aviation, Charbonneau urged everyone to attend the Safety Town Hall, “because we will be engaging everyone in the conversation that surrounds professionalism.”

Aviation safety initiatives are too often pilot-centric, “but the reality is that we all play a role,” he said. “Schedulers, dispatchers, customer service agents, FBO employees, and the person who applies deicing fluid, are as important to aviation safety as technicians, flight attendants and the person at the controls of an airplane.”

The meeting, Charbonneau said, “is an opportunity to align the concepts and behaviors of professionalism and help the participants recognize opportunities, both organizationally and individually, to improve the safety of their business aviation operations.”

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