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Exhibitor Profile: Automated Systems in Aircraft Performance (ASAP)

Runway Analysts Show Off New Data for Business Aircraft

October 23, 2013

With just 10 employees, Automated Systems in Aircraft Performance (ASAP) of Cranberry Township, PA conducts runway analysis and weight and balance calculations for aircraft ranging from business jets to Boeing 747s.

“We have 20,000 runways worldwide and 225 aircraft types in our database,” said CEO Cecil Teets. “Our customers are Part 91, 121 and 135 operators all over the world. We provide them runway analysis on an iPad app, over the Internet, on a desktop, or for very small companies, even over the phone.”

ASAP’s analysis gives operators the optimized loading of their aircraft for the best fuel consumption, maximized performance and increased safety. Without the service, operators would have to obtain topographic information from their arrival airport and do the calculations by hand during preflight. “It’s almost impossible to do it by hand correctly,” said Teets.

The latest version of ASAP’s interface will also use Google Earth to show pilots a video of departure procedures for airports with significant obstacles or mountainous terrain.

With many more types of business aircraft loaded into ASAP’s system, the company is exhibiting at NBAA’s Convention for the first time.

“We’re hoping to meet Part 91 operators, charter companies and fractional providers,” said Teets. “Once they see our product, I’m sure we’ll leave the show with a lot of people who want our services.”

Automated Systems in Aircraft Performance, Inc.

PO Box 2457
Cranberry Township, PA 16066
Tel: (724) 742-4777
Fax: (742) 742-4770
Booth: N3215

Providing the fastest, most reliable runway analysis takeoff/landing performance and weight/balance data in aviation.

Provided through manuals, internet, iPad EFB - means greater safety, savings, and speed for operators. ASAP's tradition of precision, quality and comprehensiveness leads to the highest assurance your runway analysis and weight/balance calculations are always right, always reliable, and always ready to maximize efficiencies, reduce costs, avoid penalties, and save lives.

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