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Exhibitor Profile: Nuvite Chemical Compounds Corp.

For More Than 25 Years, NBAA’s Convention a Can’t-Miss for Chemical Company

October 22, 2013

“We make our own stuff, we have our own labs, we do our own research,” said Robert McHugh, vice president of marketing and sales for Nuvite Chemical Compounds Corporation. With a factory in Brooklyn, NY, facilities in Asia, Latin American and Europe, and 30 employees, Nuvite is a manufacturer of aircraft maintenance chemicals, best known for cleaning products and metal polish, their flagship being NuShine II.

“With every aircraft OEM, we are their in-house predominant supplier of metal polish,” said McHugh. “In fact, if you see the Daher-Socata TBM850 in polished aluminum here at NBAA2013, we did that polish.”

The company was founded in 1949 and has exhibited at NBAA’s Convention for at least 25 years. They come to support the OEMs and the FBOs who use their products.

“We don’t do a lot of selling at the show, we do a lot of contact points. We don’t just make chemicals, we focus on giving our customers a lot of personal attention,” said McHugh. “If we weren’t here, our customers would notice.”

Nuvite Chemical Compounds Corp

213 Freeman Street
Brooklyn, NY 11222-1404
Tel: (800) 394-8351
Fax: (718) 383-0008
Booth: N3328

Nuvite polished brightwork shines, known as the 'Nuvite Look'! All OEM's use Nuvite's NuShine II during production to gain that mirror resolution. Paint livery, like metal, oxidizes and loses gloss over time. NuPower II polishes and deposits UV protection/protection during routine wateless cleaning procedues? NuPol restores dead paint, while NuGlaze Seals with polyflouride.
Wetwashing... degreasing? Or, the interior & leather... Come check our full line of products... Nuvite offers Onsite demo's and personnel training is available.

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