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Come and Enjoy Coffee With NBAA on the Exhibit Floor

By Chris Strong, Senior Vice President, Marketing & Member Services

October 21, 2013

Chris StrongOne of the most well-attended events on the NBAA show floor will reconvene at this week's Convention on Tuesday, Oct. 22, at 1:30 p.m. at Booth N904. Fueled by the dual energy jolt of caffeine and sugar (in the form of cotton candy), the NBAA Coffee Social has become a must attend get-together for Convention attendees who want to rub elbows with members of the NBAA Board, Associate Member Advisory Council and senior staff.

In the days before the Coffee Social, NBAA for a number of years held a meeting called the “Member Discussion” (no kidding, that was the actual name) off the Convention show floor. The Member Discussion was reasonably well attended and convened in a classroom setting with a handful of NBAA senior staff. The Member Discussion focused on various membership, regulatory, advocacy and communications-type issues for 40 minutes and then included some Q&A. As it turned out, the Member Discussion was quite the yawner, unfortunately, and had the added effect of pulling attendees off the show floor during show hours.

Four years ago, we decided to move the Member Discussion and change the tone completely. Come to the NBAA booth, stay on the exhibit floor, engage in an actual conversation (and disengage when you would like) and refuel on free coffee. What’s not to like?

The Coffee Social caught on from the beginning, and then became a must-attend two years ago in Vegas when cotton candy was added to the mix. There is something about the fluffy confectionary that makes any event inviting and somehow softer and more fun.

If you've attended in the past, you know what I mean. If you have not, I hope you will come by and visit us tomorrow at our booth – Booth N904 in the North Hall – and see for yourself.

If you're not able to make the show this year, we hope you'll join us at a future show or regional forum. In the meantime, be sure to check out show highlights this week at our NBAA2013 Online News Bureau.

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