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Don't Miss Local and Regional Group Networking Session at NBAA2013

Sept. 5, 2013

Representatives from business aviation groups from around the country will convene at the annual Local and Regional Group Networking Session at 1 p.m. on Oct. 23 at NBAA's Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (NBAA2013), to take advantage of having so many groups in one location, along with NBAA's regional representatives and other Association leaders.

"Whether a regional group is old or new, large or small, this networking session provides a unique, once-a-year opportunity to hear from other groups, meet with new associates, catch up with old ones, share strategies and ideas, and take advantage of the synergy that is becoming a hallmark of these groups," said Don Hitch, chairman of the Local and Regional Group Subcommittee of the NBAA Access Committee.

"There's an enthusiasm, and increasingly, an emphasis on information sharing among the regional groups that we're excited to help facilitate and be a part of," added Steve Hadley, NBAA's director of regional programs and the Association's Southwest regional representative.

Hitch noted that this year's networking session – which is open to all convention attendees – will also include special presentations that will recognize the hard work and successes that several groups have had.

"We are looking forward to recognizing the tireless efforts on behalf of business aviation made by several key groups and individuals," said Hitch.

This year's convention networking session will also review and build on the progress made at the inaugural Regional Leadership Roundtable, which was held in April in Denver, CO. Topics include: membership marketing, organizational discussions and further communication plans within the regional group network, through use of the available resources for local and regional groups.

"The networking session at NBAA2013 will allow us to review the action items from the April meeting and build upon the relationships, ideas and coordination that resulted from the roundtable," explained Hadley. Ideas and planning for the next Regional Leadership Roundtable – to be held next June in San Antonio, TX – will also be part of the agenda.

Hadley and the five other NBAA regional representatives serve as the eyes and ears of the Association and work closely with local and regional aviation groups in advocating for business aviation interests at the local, state and regional level.