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2013 NBAA Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition

Friendly Skies

Three Greens 15 Ively Road
Farnborough, GU14 0JN
United Kingdom
Tel: 441252675678
Fax: 441252675432
Booth: N208

Friendly Skies offers bespoke hand made scaled copper wire models of any aircraft, mounted in wooden frames, with an assortment of backgrounds and card colours. The models are correct to any detail required, can have a silvered effect or be gold plated. They may also be solid gold with gems if desired. A variety of different size frames are offered, with varying backgrounds that relate to the subject aircraft Additionally items of aeronautical ephemera can be included to substantiate a models identity.
All models are also offered as part of aircraft interior fittings, the inclusion of LED lights allows the models to be seen as true items of aircraft jewellery.

Further hand crafted models in solid silver, mounted on varying bases displaying different themes are also offered. These can be silver or plated in gold with the addition of jewels for any skin mounted lights.
Recipients understand that they have been given a gift truly well thought of. Perfect to make that impression.
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