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Free Chart Provider Looks to Meet Advertisers, Partners at NBAA2012

SkyVector provides free, ad-supported aeronautical charts for training and flight-planning. David Graves founded the company in Seattle, WA in 2005 and has since added two full-time employees, who are also programmers.

“We provide a website that has all of the FAA charts, and then we produce our own charts that cover the rest of the world,” said . “We provide these charts to the flying public for free.”

SkyVector also partners with companies like ARINC Direct to distribute charts in their products and is developing an iPad app to be released in 2013. This is the first year SkyVector has exhibited at NBAA‘s Convention and “we‘ve had a few interesting visitors to our booth that have definitely made the trip worth it,” said Graves.

SkyVector came to the Convention to meet new licensing partners, new advertisers and FBOs to expand its airport directory.

“We just launched a worldwide airport directory, which we think is the highest quality, publicly available airport directory out there. And the one thing that‘s missing from it is FBOs,” said Graves. “So we‘re trying build those relationships.”