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Aerox Aviation Oxygen Systems

Small Manufacturer Introducing New Oxygen Mask at NBAA

“We’re small but we’re surely growing,” said Lloyd Boston, president of Aerox Aviation Oxygen Systems. With 15 people and a factory in southern Maine, the family-owned company has been manufacturing aircraft oxygen systems for over 20 years. Aerox supplies oxygen systems from beginning-to-end, including cylinders, regulators, brackets, lines and outlets. They work with a number of OEMs, including Diamond, Cirrus, Piper and helicopter manufacturers.

While Aerox has exhibited at NBAA’s Convention several times, they’ve missed the last couple years, because they’ve been working on a new quick-donning high-altitude mask certified to 40,000 feet. As Boston explains, the FARs require every aircraft operating above 25,000 feet – and any unpressurized aircraft above 12,500 feet – to be equipped with a mask.

At cabin pressure altitudes above 14,000 MSL, pilots are required to wear the mask during the entire flight, but some pilots don’t because the masks can be very uncomfortable. Aerox’s new mask is made of all carbon fiber, and has an adjustable pneumatic headpiece so it’s not too tight. “That’s why we spent four years making this,” said Boston, “because we want people to use them.”

Now that Aerox is back at NBAA’s Convention, Boston is looking forward to meeting new customers. “This is a very good venue for showing our new products,” he said.