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Two Industry Leaders Honored at NBAA Awards Luncheon

October 30, 2012

As much as NBAA’s Convention is about looking to the future of business aviation, it’s also about celebrating those who have shaped the industry into what it is today. At this year’s Awards Luncheon, NBAA President and CEO Ed Bolen presented two former NBAA directors, Robert E. Breiling and Steve Nielsen, with the John P. ”Jack” Doswell Award and John H. Winant Award, respectively.

Breiling received the 2012 Doswell Award, which recognizes individual achievement on behalf of and in support of the aims, goals and objectives of business aviation. He was honored for promoting standards that have led to improvements in aviation safety and better training. Breiling’s analysis of aviation accident rates was instrumental in the FAA alternative allowing the use of advanced simulators instead of aircraft for some pilot recurrency requirements. His data also helped support the development of FAR Part 91K, regulations governing fractional operators.

”I am certainly proud to receive this prestigious NBAA award,” said Breiling. ”I would like to think that my work over the years in analyzing business turbine-aircraft accidents has created awareness as to their causes and helped reduce accidents."

Also a former NBAA director, Nielsen received the 2012 Winant Award, given to former directors whose service to business aviation has continued well beyond their board tenure. He was recognized for spearheading a surge of industry engagement on the West Coast. He co-founded the Southern California Aviation Association (SCAA), and currently serves as its president. Through the group, he’s worked to promote safety, provide scholarships for aviation students and professionals, and expand the membership – which has increased from fewer than a dozen members to more than 150 in recent years.

An accomplished pilot and industry advocate, Nielsen’s service to the business aviation community spans nearly 45 years.

”Having served on the Board, I know what goes into the nomination and selection process for these awards, so it’s a real honor,” said Nielsen. ”I’m also excited to have the recognition for SCAA. Building an organization like this is certainly not something you do on your own.”