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Flightline Systems

Glass Panel Display Maker Says They Have to Be Here

Flightline Systems has been exhibiting at NBAA’s Convention for the last four years. As a manufacturer of engine monitoring systems for piston and turboprop airplanes, Flightline’s main customers are engine upgrade integrators. Many of those integrators come to NBAA’s Convention to exhibit themselves or to find business partners, which is why Flightline needs to be here.

“We’re here to be visible to those integrators,” said Michael Ferreby, senior marketing manager for aircraft instruments. “A company like Blackhawk Modifications will take a King Air 200 and outfit it with factory-new Pratt & Whitney PT6 engines. And they need different engine gauges to do that.”

Often, when upgrading an aircraft’s engines, an integrator will want to move up to the type of microprocessor-based systems that Flightline makes, to replace the original analog models. Flightline produces glass panel displays that show the engine data in a clear graphical readout.

“We’re here to be seen by people looking for innovative ways to do engine monitoring,” said Ferreby. The 130-person Rochester, NY company, which is a subsidiary of UK-based Ultra Electronics, has made many business contacts at past NBAA shows. “We have a lot of leads lined up for this week. Because of the nature of the show, it’s something we can’t do without.”