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Flight Explorer

Getting in Front of Scheduler/Dispatchers With Fleet Management Tools

With 40 people on staff, Flight Explorer, which provides a real-time fleet management tool, has been in business since 1947 and has been coming to NBAA's Convention "since the beginning." Designed for schedulers and dispatchers, Flight Explorer's software pulls together radar data, datalink and weather feeds to show flight departments exactly where all the airplanes in their fleet are at any time.

"It gives you the opportunity to see where your aircraft are and how weather conditions are going to affect them, said Michael Ficklin, account director for Flight Explorer. With positive operational awareness of their fleet, operators can make more effective decisions, such as whether to reschedule business meetings if an airplane is delayed, and whether to hold one aircraft to wait for another coming in.

While Flight Explorer has been around for a while, they still meet a lot of customers at NBAA's Convention, where people can see a demo of the software at the booth. "There are a lot of different operators with unique requirements," said Ficklin, "Here, we can listen to what they want to do and show them the right tools."

Ficklin hopes to demo the product for many people at this show and expects a bigger turnout than last year. "Las Vegas is spread out well; it's an attractive place to come," he said. "I think people are anxious to come."