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British Tech Manufacturer Gains Visibility in U.S. Marketplace

Cobham is an international manufacturer of leading-edge aerospace and defense technology systems for military and civil aviation clients. With sales of more than $3 billion, the company services customers in more than 100 countries. It operates three divisions and employs more than 11,000 people on five continents.

For company as diverse as Cobham, NBAA2011 offers an easy and cost-effective way to meet with clients across its many disciplines and keep up with what the competition is doing. 

“Our business covers a wide gamut of civil, commercial and defense-related activities, so obviously NBAA is quite critical to us,” said Rob Creighton, Cobham director of marketing. “As the economy rebounds, and as aviation particularly rebounds, we just need to be here represented to our current and potential clients and let them know all that Cobham has.”

The British-based company isn’t as well known around the world as some of its larger competitors. Like more and more companies in business aviation, Cobham is seeing an uptick in business, making its attendance at NBAA2011 all the more critical.

“We have an incredibly wide and diverse portfolio of avionics and aircraft products,” Creighton said. “We see a good slice of our client base, but I still think however, that our best activity here is meeting new people. We always have people come through and say, ‘I had no idea Cobham had the breadth and depth of product you do’.”